Friday 3 April 2020

Yet More Local Solo Social Distance Walks 011/012/013

Another 3 days another 3 walks! We are still allowed to exercise, so I continue to get out for my daily constitutional. The weather is still being kind although it has become a lot cooler, predominantly dry though. I have manged to find small sections of footpath/bridleway which are new to me. I have discounted these in the past because of the likely very wet conditions underfoot. The prolonged dry spell has made them passable in trail shoes...with care. The sky has in the main been overcast thugh so the photo's are perhaps a little dull.
Here's a few images of the past 3 day's....

The remains of 5 Beehive Coke Ovens, these are towards the South of Holme village and on the opposite side of the canal to the towpath...which has probably helped them survive in their current condition. More information can be found here .

Further on the towpath past Holme Mills, you leave the village behind. Looking back Farleton Knott fills the background.

Leaving the canal behind I dropped down onto the mosses and along Hilderstone Lane.
The bridleway in the photo is usually extremely wet...often underwater! Today merely damp.

This is the view North from the highpoint of the altitude sickness inducing 40m!
From here I walked beside the A6 for a short distance, then back home across The Mosses on the quiet lanes. Other than 1 dog walker on the towpath, I didn't see any pedestrians...or indeed cyclists.

Thursday saw me walking generally West, back down Old Lane. The naughty cows above have only just been let out after a Winter inside...they were very inquisitive and no doubt plotting against humans!

The un-walked footpath today, it's not very long and follows field perimeters (in the main) from Hang Bridge to Pye's Bridge. 

A new view for me along the River Bela towards Hang Bridge. This footpath seems to see very few walkers....

....Little wonder if this was the only way forward. There is in fact a gate just out of shot.
It's quite likely that the 2 large pieces of limestone forming the stile were "robbed from Farleton Fell or Knott.

My route back was along Pye's Bridge Lane a grand vista to the North/ Northeast.
From left to right...Sleddle Fells, Whinfell its neighbours and the Howgills.
Home was reached via Elmsfield and Old Lanes. No one was encountered today on foot or cycle, hardly surprising considering the bitter wind.

Today I again walked down Old Lane stopping to photograph the same Horse Chestnut bud as several days ago...Spring is really moving on.

Leaving Elmsfield Lane I headed towards Overthwaite. Leaving the lane to head Eastwards across a number of fields...some of them rather moist! Lord knows what they would have been like a fortnight ago. This is another footpath which clearly sees very little use. Except for the avid "Footpath Bagger" there is little to encourage a passage!

Although just before I crossed the M6 (actually under, by means of an underpass) there was this view of Heversham Head. Sadly beyond my range of walking within the advisory time limit at the moment.

As I said earlier Spring is moving along and the hedgerows are full of blossom.
This image was taken on the towpath almost back at home. 2 walkers were seen today, but at a distance of over a 100 metres.
So there we have it, 3 more days mini walks.
As I have said before in previous posts I'm extremely lucky living where I do, I never thought I would be so grateful to be on the edge of a village with open countryside on three sides.
I also realise that not everyone who loves the outdoors is in such a lucky position. If these posts are of any help to give people a connection to what we are all missing that's wonderful.
Hopefully it won't be to long we can ALL enjoy the outdoors as we'd wish.
Tek Care & Stay Safe.


  1. Good photos especially the flora. Nice and sharp. Interesting about the coke ovens. We’ve walked many canal paths but haven’t come across them before. It’s tough staying in and so frustrating but, stay safe.

  2. Hi Alan, yes you're right very difficult not helped by the lockdown coinciding with the first proper dry spell after a very wet Winter.
    Tek care and stay safe