Tuesday 31 March 2020

Even More Solo Social Distance Walks 008/009/010

The dry weather continues....but then it would, wouldn't it! so as long as we're permitted I shall take my exercise each day. I've seen even less people over these 3 walks. Not particularly because they have been at different times or on rarely used paths, but I think the novelty of local walking has maybe worn off?
As before I hope the photos aren't becoming repetitive....

Lancaster Canal Bridges...152, 151 and in the distance 150.

After a bit of South bound canal I set off across Holme Moss with Holme Beck for company.

I passed Broomfield and Hale Green, then walked beside the A6 for a few hundred metres.
Having carried out a quick risk assessment I decided I would be OK. In fact I didn't see any traffic at all, and this was early Sunday afternoon...people are heeding the Gov advice. 

It was back across the Mosses here crossing one of the many dykes that drain the area. A few weeks ago I would have needed waders on this path.

A different view of Farleton Knott. I walked back through the village back home. Not a soul was seen, I almost felt guilty being out.....

Monday afternoon and I headed East...only this is looking back South to home!
Bridge 153!

As I crossed Holme Park Fell I noticed the Catkins were starting to "go over"

There were a few Belties out, they seem to live on next to nothing.

A lone tree...everyone loves a lone tree. this one is a Hawthorn.

I took this shot from the high point of the bridleway....Ingleborough. 

I turned and walked down Piper's Lane, not much of note.
These Primroses brightened the hedgerow though.

Leaving Piper's Lane I took the footpath which leads onto Farleton Fell Nature Reserve.
The scene in this image is one of devastation...the water worn limestone torn off for sale as rockery stone, gate stoops and ornate walling. Thankfully this has been stopped from all of the areas where this took place in Cumbria and North Lancashire as far as I'm aware. 

This is an area which has escaped...only 70 years ago it would have all looked like this.
Across the A6070 and back along the canal to home.

South along the canal this afternoon and once across the A6070, I took the footpath through the parkland of Curwen Woods. The Daffodils were in full bloom..as you can see.
The path brought me out on the lower part of Piper's Lane, then through Clawthorpe Hall, back across the main road and onto New Mill Lane. Under the Canal via the aquaduct and onto the towpath.

A pair of Mute Swans have built the nest on the opposite bank...away from folk and dogs.
Hopefully they are successful in raising a family.

The towpath gives a surprising but excellent view of the Lakeland Fells.
to the left Coniston old Man stretching to Bowfell on the right....

....the Fairfield Horseshoe, Red Screes on the right. Click on these images for more detail of course...if you do you'll see Dollywagon Pike in the distance still wearing a necklace of snow.

In a more Northerly direction, The Kentmere Horseshoe. Ill Bell is the prominent hill on the left, High Street in the centre with the snow patches.
These images were taken handheld using a micro four/thirds camera and a 300mm equiv. lens
I'm incredibly lucky, during the lockdown conditions being able to access such wonderful country from my doorstep....and with views of the Lakes Hills albeit at a distance as well. 

More off road on these 3 walks so footwear of choice was either Inov8 Rocklite 295's or....

Asics Fuji Gel Trainer...great in the dry...lethal in the wet!
Well done if you've got this far, I'm undecided as to whether I continue with the walking or get out on a bike or 2....either way there will be more posts and photo's
Tek Care & Stay Safe.

Saturday 28 March 2020

More Local Social Distance Walks 005/006/007

I'm very fortunate, I live on the edge of a village between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. The daily exercise as outlined by the Government (and the fact I aren't at work) has enabled me to take a solo walk of 1-2 hours each day. These 3 walks have mainly been on the local metalled lanes. Very few other walkers have been encountered...but all at over 2 metres away! There have been half a dozen or so cyclists.
I have decided for the time being to stay off the bike...although that may change. I hope the photos don't become repetitive.....

Looking back along the lane to home....

...Old Lane infact!

This was as far as I went on Walk 005. The Lancaster Canal stretching away towards Crooklands

Spring is definitely here, Horse Chestnut buds opening in the warm Spring sunshine.

Hang Bridge and the River Bela.

Reflections on the Bela near Heron Corn Mill.

The River Bela....again! from the bridge carrying the A6 at Beetham.
So tranquil....how can anything be wrong?

Other than Celandines there aren't many flowers about yet...I think these are Stitchwort?

Today I walked through the lanes again this time towards Hale. Here we look back along Pye's Bridge Lane to Farleton Knott.

Pye's Bridge...not the most impressive structure.

As I walked back along the lane the haze softened and allowed a glimpse of the Lakes hills.
Red Screes in the centre.

Pike O'Blisco, part of Crinkle Crags and Bowfell just to the left of the trees. Whitbarrow Scar in the middle ground.

...ant the Coniston Fells.

With the warmer weather the ground has dried out nicely, so I've been using road shoes for these 3 walks....these bobby dazzlers are New Balance M590's... 

....and these rather more subdued numbers are Hoka One One Clifton's
Both so comfortable and well cushioned.
The weather forecast looks quite reasonable for our area for the next few days so I hope to be out each day for my allowed exercise...Gov regs permitting.
Lets hope we can get on top of this Covid 19 virus as quickly as possible for everyones sake.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

My Recent Thru Hike Gear Reviewed.....

......only joking! Anyway now I've got your attention....Here's some images from Social Distance walks 002/003/004. All taken within 2km from my home.

The Lancaster Canal and bridge no 154...I'm very fortunate in these troubled times, the canal towpath is within 10 metres of my home.

The River Bela and the rather grand but nameless footbridge, its a few hundred metres upstream of Hangbridge.

Reflections in the canal

Farleton Knott from the towpath

The M6 at 1.30pm today...there were trucks...honestly! People would seem to be finally heeding the Gov. advice/rules.

The lambs are growing up round here now...its less than 20 years ago that we suffered with Foot and Mouth. Thousands of stock slaughtered, and now its us humans who are threatened. 

Further along the canal and a different view of Farleton Knott...the swans will be constructing their nest. There are a couple of pairs between bridges 153 and 156. 

Bridge 156, lots of Celandine's enjoying the sun today!
This was as far as I walked today...I have only been out for an hour or hour and a half each day, and only seen anyone in the distance. The exercise and fresh air essential for a healthy body and of course ones mind.....more of that perhaps in a future post.
Well done if you've read this far, and sorry for the misleading title...there's method in my madness!

Sunday 22 March 2020

Things are Changing....Social Distance Walk 001

No one will need any introduction to the situation we find ourselves in I'm sure. The stage we find ourselves with Covid 19 means the advice from our government is to not partake in any activity which would lead to transmission of the virus, do anything which would land you in hospital taking up a valuable bed and to travel only if necessary.
Therefore today I walked from home, a short trip in beautiful Spring weather up my local hill. Today even on this normally quiet hill there were dozens of people...many in groups...ridiculous!
The news this evening indicates that much stricter advice/rules will be introduced shortly...if some folk can't behave then no doubt we will all be confined to barracks....
There are no captions to today's images, if they give a little joy to anyone who is already self-isolating or simply can't get out in the outdoors at this time that would be great.
Take care everyone.....and don't forget...wash your hands at every opportunity, keep 2 metres apart,  wear gloves at stiles/gates etc and please follow the government guidelines when sneezing etc.

Wednesday 4 March 2020

The Blencathra 2000'er's

Another 2000'er trip, with four hills on the agenda if all went well. I parked at Mungrisdale and followed the River Glenderamakin out onto the open fell. I'll tell the tale of the day by photos as is usual....
The Tongue prominent in this view, I would take the track to the left of The Tongue. Bannerdale Crags in the distance.

This path would be an easy one to walk on a compass bearing....straight as a die....and it takes you right onto the ridge.

An out and back leg allowed me to bag Bowscale Fell. Bannerdale Crags my next hill lay along what would normally be an easy trot across the broad ridge.

Some quite significant cornicing even on lowly Bannerdale Crags.

Looking back to Bowscale fell from the summit of Bannerdale Crags. It had been tough going the snow frozen...but not enough at this height to bear weight....a foretaste of what was come later...

Blencathra in it's winter coat. Sharp Edge in the centre of the image. My route would be along the right-hand skyline.

Almost on the summit of Foule Crag and a superb vista of the Skiddaw group.

Summit of Blencathra, with it's unusual trig recently replaced after some halfwit stole the original.
Looking across to Clough Head and beyond to the South.

Huge cornices below Foule Crag, the near skyline is of course Sharp Edge.

Mungrisedale Common...I hesitate to call it a summit...it was my fourth and final hill of the day. The dark hill in the distance is Great Calva.
Old Wainwright must have had so many laughs thinking about all the pilgrims trudging across the wasteland to this point!...me included!!
Never again?
I suffered a complete sense of humour failure shortly after I took this photo, I had almost 2k of snow/ice to walk across...running was out of the question...it had all the structural integrity of flaky pastry...and most of it was cambered... bloody awful!

A last look back at Sharp Edge from the track below White Horse Bent in the upper Glenderamakin valley.
It should in theory have been an easy jog/run back to the car from here...and it was for a while.
I stopped to take my mini gaiters off, requiring removal of my trail shoes...I had an attack of really severe cramp in my right foot...agonising...no doubt brought on by the horrendous going across Mungrisedale Common. the last 3 miles turned into a bit of a hobble/walk/jog!
A great day in spite of this though. The Strava track and stats of the days exertions can be found here .