Thursday 30 June 2016

Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach

Tuesday evening I had moved on from Glen Nevis SYHA to Saddle mountain Hostel in Invergarry. This moved me closer to the next batch of Munros I wanted to climb. It also had the added benefit of a decent nights sleep! No 3peaker pillocks here :-) The weather was forecast to improve as the day progressed, so a later start should pay benefits. However it was chucking it down when I arrived at the foot of the stalkers path below Gleouraich....and with no wind the midges were out in force.

Its a wonderful stalkers path which eases you up towards the summit....sadly it rained every step of the way.

This would be the last I'd see of Loch Cuaich for a while.

Another Munro, another mist shrouded summit. Gleouraich was not a place to linger today, The rain was still beating down, seemed like the forecasters had got it wrong.....

....But as I dropped down to the unnamed col, the rain stopped and the clouds started to break up from the Southwest.

The route onwards appeared in front of me, always a morale booster.

To the North the South Glen Shiel ridge....I walked that in the rain as well! Almost 30 years ago!

Northeast into Easter Glen Cuaich

Having climbed up from the col I was enjoying the views at last. At this point I thought I was going to get a clear summit.....

.....However Spidean Mialach had other ideas. Mist shrouded again, it wasn't raining though :-) 

As I lost height down the Southwest slopes things looked a lot better. Excellent views across Loch Cuaich to the Knoydart Hills, made the earlier toil in rain and mist all worthwhile

I picked up the stalkers path across Coire Mheil, and didn't quite make it back before a heavy shower passed through The path brought me down to the road just a couple of hundred metres from the car.
A really great day.

Wednesday 29 June 2016


Tuesday morning and an early problem with the 3peaker pratts at Glen Nevis SYHA! saw me out on the Mallaig road again. It was dry this morning though, I parked just beyond Loch Eil at the foot of Gleann Fionnlighe. It was a midgy footwear change, and off up the LRT I strode.....

It goes on for a bit...I can understand why many will choose to bike to the foot of the hill.

However for much of the way the track is close to Fionn Lighe, and in my experience you always see more on foot than by bike.

Soon after leaving the wooded section, Gulvain appears was shrouded in mist. What I could see looked steep!

Track left behind, and Munroists path underfoot....yep its steep. Thank goodness it was dry, I think I would have melted dragging myself up here.

Of course if you keep at it you'll reach the top!....only this trig (which some wag had made an addition to) is only the South top.....

There is like so many hills a descent followed by a re-ascent along a pleasantly narrowish ridge to the proper summit.

The substantial cairn on the summit of Gulvain offered shelter for a spot of lunch. I knew it would be back against the strong wind, as I left the top the rain started....Great!!

Thank goodness for Event! I received a real dousing on the descent. Of course once back at valley level the summit was clear of cloud. isn't it always the way?
Just about an hour from this point back to the car, I really rather enjoyed Gulvain.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

"The Glenfinnan Munro's"

The title is a bit of a giveaway of today's (Monday 20th June) hills. But first a word about staying at the Glen Nevis SYHA. In short, give it a miss at this time of year. It was infested with the dreaded 3peakers! :-(, noisy barstewards. Getting out of their pits at 5am without a thought for anyone else. Still we'll not let them spoil the fun.....on with the day.

Having parked at the bottom of the glen, you soon reach and pass under the Glenfinnan Viaduct made by "Concrete Bob" McAlpine.

The River Finnan tumbles along beside the metalled road.

A short distance beyond Corryhully the stalkers path starts to climb the foot of the long Southern ridge towards the summit of Sgurr nan Coireachan. Surpisingly the path was not at all badly worn.

Fortunately I'd had the foresight to use a wheelbarrow to get my backpack to such dizzy heights...:-)

For much of the walk it had been raining.....hard, indeed I'd been wearing Buff Mitts to keep my hands warm. However at this point just beyond Sgurr a Choire Riabhaichan there was a brief clearance. The final climb was seen ahead.

The summit of Sgurr nan Choireachan, the rain had stopped so sheltering behind the cairn I scoffed some food whilst I had the chance.

The ridge has several "puds" on it, there is a path and a line of old fence posts to follow. So in that respect a good walk for the conditions.

The clearance allowed me to see almost the full length of Glen Finnan.... 

...and much of my onward route to Sgurr Thulim.

Sadly the rain and low cloud returned and once more there was no view from the summit of Sgurr Thulim. 

It was a steep descent to the valley via Druim Coire a Bheithe, at least it had stopped raining!

Back past Corryhully bothy, I called in to find all neat and tidy. Then it was just a case of strolling back down the private road to the car.
I was contented to know that the Munro bagging was summit views tho.

Monday 27 June 2016

The Start of a weeks Munro Bagging

I've been back home for a couple of days now, and having caught up on tasks (and returned to work:-( ). It's time to start and write up the weeks exploits. So the weeks Munro Bagging, started with a Corbett!  I'd parked beside Loch the rain, with the intention of climbing Beinn Each en-route to Stuc a Chroin.

Off I trudged up through the forestry and along Glen Ample. Once at the sign above it was the hill path for me.

The mist was down, but there's a good path beside the Eas an Eoin, and height is gained quickly. The rain and humidity were making a mockery of my breathable waterproofs! I considered taking them off, I couldn't have been any wetter!

Sure enough the summit of Beinn Each came into view through the murk. Not the most impressive cairn as you can see. I could see the path continuing onwards to the Stuc, but frankly I'd had enough.
So I returned back the way I'd come. Once back at the car I was pleased to have climbed Beinn Each but disappointed to have missed out on the Stuc. Still early days, so off I drove to Glen Nevis SYHA and better things to come?