Sunday 31 January 2010

Coniston Camp

Bit of a story here, the original idea which Ian and I had was to camp on Potter fell, looking out over Kendal. From Staveley we walked along the road under Craggy Wood and on to the public footpath which would lead through Frost Hole and onto Potter Tarn and fell. However we were stopped on the footpath by the farmer at about 6.30 and told we were "up to no good"! He wouldn't let us continue, so rather than continue the confrontation we retreated to the car and drove to Torver Common above Coniston.
We didn't walk far along the Walna Scar road, just past Boo tarn in fact before we found a good place to pitch both tents on top of a knoll. There was a full moon as bright as I've ever seen, and it was good to be out in the tent again. A rather cold night followed with a subdued sunrise, after breakfast a short walk brought us back to the car, a good night salvaged from an unpleasant encounter.

Monday 25 January 2010

Reston Scar

Just a short walk today as I was suffering under a heavy cold. With Ian from Staveley up on to Reston Scar and then along the broad undulating ridge to Hugill Fell. These are both Wainwright Outlyers with unusual views, and two easy ticks if you're that way inclined! It just managed to stay dry, but the sun was always somewhere else.

Thursday 21 January 2010


An easy walk up the valley of Mickleden, only as far as the sheepfold. Amazingly quiet no one seen at close quarters until on our return we met the farmer repairing a wall gap near Stool End. A very cold wind was blowing up the valley, fingers chilled while we ate our butties! An unusual sight was that of three Red Deer contouring the slopes below Pike O'Stickle, the seemed unperturbed by our presence.

Sunday 17 January 2010

The Clouds

A short walk from the street under Wild Boar Fell over Fell End and Stennerskeugh Clouds. Its thought they were so named because the limestone outcrops looked like clouds! Still large drifts about even after the prolonged thaw. The sun made a brief appearance and the cool wind tore the clouds apart, just at the most photogenic spot, looking west from the high point of the clouds to Harter Fell (the Howgill one!!)

Sunday 10 January 2010

Sour Howes

A late start, and I was off along the Dubbs Road, slipping and sliding on my way! I should have put the instep crampons on, I had them with me but the cold wind detered me from faffing with them. Up Buckstone Barrow into a fierce easterly wind to reach the summit through big drifts of spindrift slab. The view was great to the south, but superb to the head of Troutbeck as the photo confirms.

Thursday 7 January 2010

Skiing, Again!

Another day at Yad Moss, this time with Ian. Even more snow, really soft sparkly powder, and fewer people. Very,very cold, not much wind just a terrific frost. A great day if a little tiring!

Sunday 3 January 2010


An early start and a 86 mile drive due to roads blocked by heavy snow, and I arrived at Yad Moss, near Alston. The overnight snow resulted in superb conditions, the slopes were as good as you'll get in the UK. Blue sky, sun and great snow, what more could you ask for? In spite of the difficult access it was a popular place, and good times were had by boarders and skiers alike

Friday 1 January 2010


An overcast day which led to snow, although not much settled. we had a short walk through Crow Park to the shore of Derwentwater, which was frozen at the fringes, as the photograph shows!