Sunday 16 July 2017

Little Asby Scar & Potts Valley

It isn't the first time we've done this walk (or a Variation of it). This is a very quiet area, indeed we didn't meet anyone. Another baking hot day, which neither of us are that fond of! Hard to please some folk!! It's notoriously difficult to take pictures which look any good at all round about midday at this time of year....and everything is so green!

Having parked in the village of Little Asby we set off up onto Little Asby Scar. Much of the way is pathless although limestone country usually makes for easy going.
Well away from the road there is still a lot of limestone left...closer to the roads much of it has been taken to be used in gardens etc. :-(  

We dropped down into Potts Valley, home to a wonderful clear stream.

Down the valley we went, stopping for our lunch as we went.

Then it was up out of the valley and back to the car through recently "dropped" meadows...the sun was drying the grass quickly. I would guess it will be picked up tomorrow, and stored ready for winter.
Not that far today, but lots to see. 

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Wild Boar Fell

Out with Bill today, his suggestion was to go up Wild Boar Fell. It's a while since I'd been on Wild Boar.....infact last time was with Ian for a wild camp at Sand Tarn. Middle of the morning saw us parked near Pendragon Castle...the sun was beating down!

Pendragon Castle with Wild Boar in the far distance.

Having a breather on Little Fell a bump on the North ridge of Wild Boar Fell

A large party (30at least!!) caught up with us as we lingered taking in the view. Not being the most sociable person when out on the hill, I dropped down to look at these cairns overlooking the Mallerstang valley

Looking down on the North ridge from "The Nab"

It was a damp walk across the plateau to the Trig, the Three Peaks visible beyond

Damper still! as we crossed the plateau again to the Eastern escarpment.
This small dub of water took my eye tho.

Bill looking down Yoadcomb Scar into Mallerstang

The stone men above High White Scar, again the Three Peaks in the distance.

Retracing our steps over "The Nab" we descended to the valley floor and made our way back to Pendragon along little used paths and what seemed like a thousand stiles and gates!!
A great day, although it was very hot.

Thursday 6 July 2017

Whiteside to Grisedale Pike

Thunder (and of course Lightning) was forecast today, it didn't turn up thank goodness but it was incredibly humid.
Again I haven't been up on this ridge for probably 15 years....I've kept away from the the "Wainwrights" in the main having felt like I'd done them to death over the previous 25 years. But today it felt good in spite of the humidity!
 It really wasn't a very good day for taking photos, but here are a couple of the only ones worth posting

Looking towards Whiteside...

...and the other way towards Hopegill Head

This was as good as the visibility got! Here at my lunch spot on Hopegill Head looking across to Sand Hill.
It did at least stay dry until I was walking round Keswick later :-)

Wednesday 5 July 2017

A Wander Round the Great Moss, Upper Eskdale

Ages since I've been here. Its less than 35 miles from home, but so many folk can't drive on narrow drives me mad going over Wrynose and Hardknott! I halved the hassle today by parking near Cockley Beck and walking up Mosedale...hellfire its wet!! Just a couple of images, with no captions!
 If you've been there you won't need them, if you haven't you should go!