Sunday 29 November 2009

Arnside & Sandside

Yesterday the tops of the Lakeland Hills were covered with a light coat of snow, but that was yesterday and today its wet again! A slight clearance in the middle of the afternoon, I decided to go out round the local lanes on the road bike. a circuit of Hale, Gaitbarrow, Arnside, Sandside and back home via Beetham. Lots of water in the fields and the roads! The stiff NE wind gave me cold feet even with sealskinz on, it was never truly dry,but the fresh air was welcome and the views across the estuary good. Photo is of the Kent from the lane over Haverbracks

Sunday 22 November 2009

Sour Howes and Sallows

Will the rain ever stop? In need of fresh air I drove to Moor Howe near Windermere, parked at the end of the Dubbs road. Wet when I left and still Raining when I got back!
Easy going up the recently renovated road to Dubbs reservoir, which is having some repairs done to the dam wall and spillway. Following Buckstone Barrow I was soon on the summit of Sour Howes, no view and no let up in the rain, so I pressed on to the top of Sallows. Again no view, a bit of backtracking then a pathless descent to the top of the Garburn track. the old road was followed back to the car at Moor Howe with the wind and rain blasting me in the face. Penetrating the Paramo jacket under the rucsack straps.

A good walk in spite of the weather. The photo is taken below Applethwaite quarry looking back towards the head of Troutbeck.

Thursday 19 November 2009

Farleton Knott

Wow what weather, lots of rain leading to flooded roads over much of South Cumbria. Easier to walk from home today so a walk to the top of Farleton Knott, even the normally dry limestone was soggy with springs emerging from usually dry places. The view from the top wasn't great with Ingleborough, The Howgills and the Lakes hills all hidden in cloud. Only the near distance of Arnside, Silverdale and Morecambe Bay Visible. Lots of flooded land, with more rain forecast for tonight, already on the news many people have been flooded in the villages beside the River Kent. The photo is from near the summit looking east to the Barbon Fells. It managed to stay dry until I was nearly home.