Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Greenburn Horseshoe....Grasmere

This walk is an old favourite, don't know why? It's not the longest, highest or has the best views. It is generally quiet...until you arrive at Helm Crag! Today with much of the circuit covered in fresh snow it was a cracking walk. Once more hopefully the photos do the day justice.

I only just managed to park beside the road near the Travellers Rest, taking the short cut across a barely frozen field towards Ghyll Foot and the bottom of the Southeast ridge of Steel Fell.

Its a grand walk up the ridge, pretty much direct to the top of the fell.
Across Dunmail Raise the Helvellyn range were looking splendid.

The other side of the ridge lies the quiet valley of is rather wet mind!

This isn't quite the top of Steel Fel,l but IMHO it is the better viewpoint.
Helvellyn range beyond.

Rounding the head of Greenburn the ground is usually wet. Today it was in the main frozen, including almost all of this tarn. As far as I'm aware unnamed. 

The cairn on Calf Crag and the start of the return leg. Fairfield is seen to have a good covering of snow in the background.

Here the ridge is laid out before me, this image hides most of the up and downs involved mind!

Looking back along the ridge from Gibson Knott, not much snow from here onwards.
Still quite a few bumps and humps between here and Helm Crag.
Really clear views today though. 

The summit rocks of Helm Crag, here seen as "The Howitzer", sadly there was some ice on the climb to the top so I gave it a miss.
From here it was a quick jog down to Easedale and the road back to the car.

Just a few words about my footwear choice today. I wore these New Balance Goretex lined trail shoes with Inov8 mini gaitors and for some of the way Kahtoola Microspikes.
This combination worked well (as usual) my feet remaining dry throughout. The microspikes work at their best with trailshoes IMHO as more of the spikes grab due to the very flexible soles....less well on boots I find. Anyway thats my twopennyworth! 

Monday 25 December 2017

Ingleborough....A Christmas Day Hill

For the first time in 60 years I found myself able to have a "proper" walk on Christmas Day. I chose Ingleborough, handy enough to home but high enough to be interesting. I parked above Cold Cotes and took my favourite way up....although it was incredibly wet today. I only took a few photos but they should give a feel for the day.

The path is very obvious and as it rounds Grey Scars the summit of Ingleborough comes into view for the first time. Whernside is also seen in the distance on the left of this image.

The sun made an appearance as I left Grey Scars behind. Here as I crossed the flat moorland the path was at its wettest!

Just me and my shadow out today!
The sky to the North looked stormy, as I gained height the wind strenghtened.

As I reached the summit Plateau the cloud lifted, so I had a view...nice Christmas present!
It was blowing a real hoolie tho' so the pics are a little blurred.
Not surprisingly I had the top to myself, I didn't linger that long and having taken in the view....

....I walked over to the Northern edge of the plateau to look at view over towards Whernside and the Ribblehead area. I returned to the car the same way, meeting a group of 5 or so walkers om Little Ingleborough.
It had only taken 2 hours up and down, (it had stayed dry against the forecast) and I enjoyed it immensely:-)

Sunday 10 December 2017

Yoke, Ill Bell, Yoke, Sallows and Sour Howes

The cold spell continues, and after flirting with the idea of having a day on the Fat Bike I saw sense at the last moment and went for a walk. I parked near Troutbeck church and passed through Limefitt Park to take the bridleway up to the Garburn Road. Wonderful views today I hope the photographs do the day justice....

Looking across to Red Screes and the head of Troutbeck from the Garburn Road 

A little further up the Garburn Road, it occurred to me that almost 40 years to the day I fell off my trail bike here in the foreground in very similar weather conditions. I remember sitting against the wall discussing with my mate Tim whether I would be able to ride the bike home....I did and then spent 3 weeks with my leg in plaster!

Anyway onwards and upwards...I left the Garburn Road and headed up Yoke, the improved path makes it a much easier proposition than the bogfest of years ago.

Yoke summit with Ill Bell beyond

Looking down into Kentmere, cloud seemed to be hugging the other arm of the horseshoe

The Northern top of Ill Bell looking Northwest towards the Helvellyn hills.
It was absolutely "baltic" here the wind bringing the temperature right down. I had originally thought of continuing over Froswick and dropping down into the Troutbeck Valley, but decided I'd walk back along the ridge in the sun. 

This rocky knoll just below the Yoke gave a great viewpoint.

From there it was back to the Garburn Road and the short climb to Sallows...a rare treat toady with everything frozen solid.
Just look at that array of hills on the skyline :-))

Round the head of Kentmere Park, and over the numerous tops of Sour Howes to this the summit, with its view of Windermere.
From here it was back to the car via Backstone Barrow,more or less straight down!
A great winter day.