Sunday 10 December 2017

Yoke, Ill Bell, Yoke, Sallows and Sour Howes

The cold spell continues, and after flirting with the idea of having a day on the Fat Bike I saw sense at the last moment and went for a walk. I parked near Troutbeck church and passed through Limefitt Park to take the bridleway up to the Garburn Road. Wonderful views today I hope the photographs do the day justice....

Looking across to Red Screes and the head of Troutbeck from the Garburn Road 

A little further up the Garburn Road, it occurred to me that almost 40 years to the day I fell off my trail bike here in the foreground in very similar weather conditions. I remember sitting against the wall discussing with my mate Tim whether I would be able to ride the bike home....I did and then spent 3 weeks with my leg in plaster!

Anyway onwards and upwards...I left the Garburn Road and headed up Yoke, the improved path makes it a much easier proposition than the bogfest of years ago.

Yoke summit with Ill Bell beyond

Looking down into Kentmere, cloud seemed to be hugging the other arm of the horseshoe

The Northern top of Ill Bell looking Northwest towards the Helvellyn hills.
It was absolutely "baltic" here the wind bringing the temperature right down. I had originally thought of continuing over Froswick and dropping down into the Troutbeck Valley, but decided I'd walk back along the ridge in the sun. 

This rocky knoll just below the Yoke gave a great viewpoint.

From there it was back to the Garburn Road and the short climb to Sallows...a rare treat toady with everything frozen solid.
Just look at that array of hills on the skyline :-))

Round the head of Kentmere Park, and over the numerous tops of Sour Howes to this the summit, with its view of Windermere.
From here it was back to the car via Backstone Barrow,more or less straight down!
A great winter day.

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