Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Few Tops Round Rossett Pike

A cracking morning today. Quite an early start for me found me parked up in Langdale for 10am. There was a bitter wind blowing, so I put all my gear on to set off, this made my sac light except I had ice axe and spikes....I wasn't convinced I'd need them but better safe than sorry. As is usual hereabouts a few pictures follow....

The head of Great Langdale from the ODG

Part way up Mickleden and my ascent route came into view, I was aiming for the grassy ridge in the centre of the image just beyond the gill containing Troughton Beck

Here high above Mickleden I am almost at the top of the zig-zag path which runs up the ridge.

Its along time since I've been here, Martcrag Moor (a Synge), there was a great view
L-R Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike

And from this exceptionally large boulder also on Martcrag Moor looking broadly East
The skyline L-R Shoulder of Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Allen Crags, Great Gable, Glaramara

I then descended over wet ground (a few more degrees of frost would have been helpful!) to the top of Stake Pass. There is a large "Broad Arrow" on the boulder in the foreground...but is it a "proper" one? I don't think so....

The path seems to have been improved on the ridge of Rossett Pike, I was checking alternative routes on here for a future trip.

Pike O'Stickle beyond Buck Pike

Just enough snow to make things look better? Southwest from Rossett Pike.

Short winter days of course, so after a bit of thought on Rossett Pike I decided to nip over to pick off the Synge of Tongue Head. There had been a fair bit of freeze/thaw so I put the microspikes on for the jog back down to Angle Tarn. I took them off there tho and didn't need them again.

Down Rossett Gill and into the shade! Pike O'Stickle was still blessed with the afternoon sun tho. Just the long walk out back along Mickleden.
A grand day, sadly no Strava track...silly old fool forgot the GPS!!


  1. A good round for a short day. Good weather again. I shamefully admit I’ve never been up onto the tops via that ridge alongside Troughton Beck. Goes to show that there’s always something new to do even in areas I have been going to for 45 yrs.

    1. Its a gem Alan! I was amazed on Wed to find that 2 folk followed me up, albeit a long way crosed my mind that perhaps they thought it was the Stake Pass?
      last time I used it was as a rapid descent to the valley in a Mountain Marathon!!