Wednesday 1 November 2017

Revisiting Some Tops Above Langdale

Not quite the early start I'd planned as I left the car in Chapel Stile at 10.20am. I had a vague plan to visit as many summits (they had to be listed on here ) as I could energy permitting! In the available time...I wanted to be back at the car for about 4.30pm. So off I went up through Walthwaite to climb steeply beside Megs Gill. There's rather a lot of pictures......

Once the "ridge" was reached the great view over Grasmere and Rydal Water was revealed

Shortly after I was on the summit of Silver Howe, my first top of the day.

Next on the agenda Lang How. This is the view from the top looking up Langdale

This is the rounded top of Swinescar Pike, sunbeams lighting up the valley beyond

Next Little Castle How, more sunbeams :-)

Lots of up and down, twisting and turning over castle How (Raw Pike) and Great Castle How brought me to Blea Rigg seen here looking back East along the ridge

Further on the ridge you see Blea Tarn and its surrounding fells 

Its a bit of a pull up to Sergeant Man, although there was welcome shelter from the stiff breeze.

After a spot of lunch I set off across the very wet path to High Raise ( I realised I'd missed the top of Codale Head part way across but chose not to go back for it :-( ). There was a good view down towards Borrowdale, I didn't linger due to the cold wind. Instead turning South and passing over Thurnacar Knott.

Its only a short distance to Pavey Ark, here on the summit is the aerial view down to Blea Tarn.

I always think its rough ground between Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle, maybe its just me?
Great view of Pavey Ark mind!

A proper drop and climb brings you to Pike O'Stickle, wild on top today. The last couple of tops of today's walk are long the ridge in the centre of the image.

Loft Crag with Harrison Stickle behind....and Thorn Crag below.

Its a steep descent down to the valley floor. I stopped here to eat what was left of my lunch and totted up the tops. 9 Wainwrights, 4 Birketts and 2 Synge's, quite happy with that.
Of course I still had to walk back to the car in Chapel Stile, it's an easy walk along the valley bottom tho.
There's a Strava track here if anyone wants to see my route.


  1. Well done, that’s a good walk at this time of year with it being wet under foot.

    1. I enjoyed the day Alan. The ground was pretty soggy until I got to the "Pikes".
      Goretex lined New Balance Trail shoes kept my feet dry :-)