Monday 30 May 2016

Beinn Dearg....The Atholl Forest One!

After a pleasant evening at Pitlochry SYHA, and a good nights rest I drove up to Old Bridge of Tilt. It was going to be another scorcher, I enjoyed the shade from the trees as I walked up lower Glen Tilt. I was undecided as to my exact plan for the day.......

Welcome Shade!

Starting to climb away from Glen Tilt I had a quick look at the Jubilee Rifle Range. (it had been in use the day before, therefore out of bounds.)

The track beside the Allt Slanaidh wasn't on my ancient map at home, but was on the library copy I had with me! It makes for a very easy gradual, if long walk to the Allt Sheicheachan.
The hut was locked!

I had walked in on the LRT on the left to this junctin with the more popular track on the right.

I was now on the slopes of Beinn Dearg proper, the view out to the Southwest opened up the higher I climbed. There is still quite a scar in Glen Bruar from the recently installed hydro scheme unfortunately.

At last the summit dome of Beinn Dearg came into view....quite a scar of a path as well!

The top!....and looking over to the East and the bulk of the Cairngorms with the cloud spilling over. Had I had a little more time I considered going across to Carn a Chlamain, but I knew it would be late home as it was.  A guy arrived shortly after me, and chatting he told me he'd been in the Fisherfield a couple of days earlier. I asked if he'd seen Peter Dixon and Lee Taylor...he had! on Ruadh Stac Mor, small world.

Down beside the Allt I called in at the bothy, all very clean and tidy. slightly surprising as its fairly easy to get to by mountain bike.

A last look back at the bothy and Beinn Dearg as I set off back down the track to Old Blair.

I made good progess down the easy track ticking off the milestones as I went.

Back into the forest and again the shade was welcome, only a couple of km from here and I was back at the car.
Its a long old way on foot, but nt having a bike waiting at the bottom does give flexibility for someone like me who changes his mind!
"Preserve the long walk in" that's what I say!
A Strava tack is here for anyone who might be interested.


Sunday 29 May 2016

Meall Greigh

Whit weekend and the rare opportunity for 2 days off together saw me up at 5am. I arrived at Lawers North of  Loch Tay just after 9am, the Ben Lawers range was clearing from the early morning mist as I started walking....

Up through the gardens surrounding Machuim Farm.

Then into the pleasent Birch, Larch and Pine plantation, gaining height all the way.

Then out onto the open hill, NTS land here. Meall Greigh looked fairly close...must have been a trick of the light!

The path passes through an area of shielings, I took the chance to look back over loch Tay below.

Eventually of course you arrive at the summit. Here's your author beside the cairn.... 

....and for those of you who prefer the view without the clutter of a garish human....Here's the Lawers group above Lochan nan Cat.

On towards the col before Meall Garbh, I then descended to the Lawers Burn.

A last look back at An Stuc and Ben Lawers, I'd last been here in 1986!

I picked up my outward route further down the burn and returned to the car.
It had been good to be back in the Scottish Hills
A Strava track of my route can be found here

Sunday 8 May 2016

A Couple of Easily Bagged Marilyns

Well easy is relative of course . these 2 small hills required a round trip of just over 300 miles! The weather was excellent, an ideal day for a good long ride on the motorbike. The Marilyns gave me a target for the day.
I took the road over Hartside, not many bikes as I was quite early. After a brew I pressed on.

Through Alston and Across the West Allen river

Across by Rothbury which was very busy and after a number of minor roads I'd never been on before I parked up below Ros Castle.

Not the most testing of ascents. But an interesting plaque and another tick!

A shame it was hazy, I would imagine you'd see across to the North Sea.

I was soon back at the bike, the motorbike jacket was warm to say the least. I guess it must weigh at least 2kg! with all the armour etc.

Down to the seaside at Berwick-on-Tweed.

Then it was up the A1 a couple of miles before  making my way up onto Lamberton Hill....not the most photogenic of hills. Like Ros Castle earlier its an old hill fort.

The view to the North held more of interest across to Ayton Hill with its coms mast.
Back home from here, via Duns, Kelso, Hawick, Langholm and the M6.
A grand day out :-)