Thursday 12 February 2015

Furness Abbey and Bow Bridge

Another tupperware day....the forecast said better in the West, so off to Furness we went. And it was dull and damp there as well! Ah well worth a try! Untrodden paths for both of us today, and really rather interesting.

Furness Abbey

These are the surface remains of a Haematite mine above the Mill Beck valley. This area was first mined as long ago as 1235, but these are far more recent.... evidenced by this rather nice quarry tile floor. The building has been demolished, only cows walking on it now!

As we left the old mine behind and gained height towards the village of Newton we would have had a great view over Barrow-in-Furness, sadly the weather didn't do it justice.

We then dropped back down into the valley and had a good look at Bow Bridge, not as old as the nearby abbey...only 15th century!
From here it was only a short way back to the car near the abbey. Lots of interest on this short walk

Sunday 8 February 2015

Rough Stuff Fellowship ride from Lindale

Freezing fog greeted us at Lindale as we met opposite the John Barrow monument . It was my turn to lead the group, I'd planned a ride of round about 20 miles, calling at Cartmel for a snack/coffee. The five of us set off into the fog, and climbed the narrow roads through the quieter parts of Lindale...

Nick and Ian on the first off-road of the day, the climb of Hollow Lane. 

Lots of hoar frost on the hedgerows this morning.

Another bridleway took us across Hampsfell, the signage leaves something to be desired hereabouts., not helped by the dense fog..there was lots of map consultation.

After Tea and Crumpets at "The Mallard Tearoom", it was back out into the cold. We rode through Cartmel Racecourse and Southish towards Cark before doubling back to follow bridleways  over Howbarrow.

The section near Burns Farm was wet! Even with the frost!

An excellent track took us through Great Allotment, and after dropping down to Low Brow Edge we rode over Bishops Allotment. The temperature had risen slightly and turned the frozen mud into very clingy mud!
More importantly the sun had eventually made an appearance...but only for a short time!
We made our way back to Lindale and the cars on the many minor roads, descending by Hollow Lane.
The Strava route is here.

Thursday 5 February 2015

Penrith Beacon

This is a very short walk, but neither of us had visited this oft seen landmark. Things needed to be put right! So off we strode....its only a short walk, indeed it could be done by a fit person in their lunch hour from the town centre I would say. Worth an hour of anyone's time I'd say!

The path gains height at an easy angle up thro Scots pine and scrub. Alas you are fenced in for much of the way...Lowther Estates apparently.

You don't see the tower until your almost there.
I can imagine its rather muddy up here, fortunately it was all frozen today :-)

It was built to warn the townsfolk of marauding Scots it would seem.
Today it's all locked up to keep the Neds out :-(

The veiw to the Lakes hills would be even better if some of the trees were trimmed back. The Pennines can't be seen again because of the pesky trees!

Sunday 1 February 2015

Coniston Fells

Today's walk would follow the Swirl How- Coniston Old Man ridge. I would normally climb Wetherlam to start this round, but today I decided to gain the foot of Prison Band via Levers Water. It was a fantastic day, I added Dow Crag as I made good progress and found time for a detour on the way back. Lots of photo's, apologies in advance!!.....

Coppermines Valley

Levers Water from Kennel Crag

Coniston Old Man and Brim Fell from Kennel Crag

A very cold looking Levers Water

Looking back to Levers Water, Coniston Old Man in the background.

Helvellyn and Fairfield seen beyond Lingmoor Fell from Prison Band

Old footprints.....guess it's been windy!

The summit of Swirl How, Langdale Pikes in the middle distance

There wasn't much snow on the ridge as you can see!

The summit of Brim Fell 

Coniston Old Man trig point, looking back along the ridge I'd just walked

Dow Crag looking just great!

South  towards Walna scar from Dow Crag

Lots of ice rime all along the ridge.

Back to the summit rocks of Dow Crag, the Scafell group in the background.

Blind Tarn below Brown Pike

I walked back along the "improved" Walna Scar this the best that can be done? :-((

As I got back to the gate on the edge of the moor, I had time on my hands so walked back up the track to the old Mandalls Quarrys. Then turned down into Coppermines valley, thence down to the car in Coniston.
A great day, as usual the weather makes it!