Wednesday 29 November 2017

A Few Tops Round Rossett Pike

A cracking morning today. Quite an early start for me found me parked up in Langdale for 10am. There was a bitter wind blowing, so I put all my gear on to set off, this made my sac light except I had ice axe and spikes....I wasn't convinced I'd need them but better safe than sorry. As is usual hereabouts a few pictures follow....

The head of Great Langdale from the ODG

Part way up Mickleden and my ascent route came into view, I was aiming for the grassy ridge in the centre of the image just beyond the gill containing Troughton Beck

Here high above Mickleden I am almost at the top of the zig-zag path which runs up the ridge.

Its along time since I've been here, Martcrag Moor (a Synge), there was a great view
L-R Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike

And from this exceptionally large boulder also on Martcrag Moor looking broadly East
The skyline L-R Shoulder of Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Allen Crags, Great Gable, Glaramara

I then descended over wet ground (a few more degrees of frost would have been helpful!) to the top of Stake Pass. There is a large "Broad Arrow" on the boulder in the foreground...but is it a "proper" one? I don't think so....

The path seems to have been improved on the ridge of Rossett Pike, I was checking alternative routes on here for a future trip.

Pike O'Stickle beyond Buck Pike

Just enough snow to make things look better? Southwest from Rossett Pike.

Short winter days of course, so after a bit of thought on Rossett Pike I decided to nip over to pick off the Synge of Tongue Head. There had been a fair bit of freeze/thaw so I put the microspikes on for the jog back down to Angle Tarn. I took them off there tho and didn't need them again.

Down Rossett Gill and into the shade! Pike O'Stickle was still blessed with the afternoon sun tho. Just the long walk out back along Mickleden.
A grand day, sadly no Strava track...silly old fool forgot the GPS!!

Sunday 12 November 2017

Coniston Round...With A Variation Of An Oft Trod Trail

Cracking weather today, having parked in Coniston beside Church Beck off I went up the Coppermines road. There were one or two folk about, but once I left the main track I didn't see anyone until the top of Wetherlam. A bit picture heavy.....

Across to the Old Man and Brim Fell from the Red Dell track

Kennel Crag and incline ( my route onwards) from the Red Dell wheelpit.

South down the Erin Crag ridge, with Red Dell and the Coppermines valley. This ridge would be my route to the summit of Black Sails. The path such as it is, is very feint...its there in the foreground!

The summit of Black Sails, my guess is that not even 1in100 visitors to Wetherlam pop across to here.
The image doesn't convey the strength or indeed the temperature of the wind.

Then it was over to Wetherlam, with its light scattering of snow.

Back below Black Sails to Swirl Hause and then up Prison Band.
I stopped here for a spot of lunch, about the only sheltered place I found all day!

Only a short way to the summit of Great Carrs, great view to the Scafell group from here.

Having visited a couple of Synges on the way from Swirl How, I stopped to take in the 360 degree view from Brim Fell. 

Next stop Coniston Old Man, there's always a few pilgrims here!!
There were a lot more struggling up the "tourist path", fair play to them it was cold in the shade...they'd get an icy blast when the popped out on to the top though.

I'd made good time, but run out of practical hills! Then I saw "The Bell" in front of me. Its another Synge and its ages since I've visited its top, so trotted up and took this picture.
From here it was a gentle jog back to the car in the village.

As previously there's a Strava track here should you wish to see my route.

Today's and for the last couple of months or so footwear choice.
New Balance MT610GT4 Trail shoes Goretex lined, supremely comfortable...nice and warm for winter as well:-) The best bit was the price tho £40!! I bought 2 pairs thank goodness, discontinued of course so a review is of little use.

Wednesday 8 November 2017


Lovely weather this morning saw me parked at Ribblehead, I was off up Whernside...a nice and easy half day. Just the job! Checking back on the blog I see I haven't visited the summit since April 2014, so I was well overdue a visit. That trip the weather was grim, today's was excellent. Here's a few pics from the walk.......

No walk up Whernside from Ribblehead would be complete without a picture of the magnificent viaduct.

Height is quickly gained on the well maintained Craven Wold track. Once the track is left and the path taken towards Whernside, Greensett Tarn is seen.
Park Fell, Simon Fell and Ingleborough are in the distance.

Looking back along the summit ridge Northish, Greensett Tarn below

Whernside's trig...the summit is no place to linger IMHO. There was a stiff chilly breeze anyway, so I trotted off Southwards.

Having dropped of the ridge I left the breeze was almost warm!
From the bottom of the path at Bruntscar I walked through Ivescar, Gunnerfleet and back under the viaduct to the car.
A much better day out than last time. Anyone who would like to see my route can follow it here

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Revisiting Some Tops Above Langdale

Not quite the early start I'd planned as I left the car in Chapel Stile at 10.20am. I had a vague plan to visit as many summits (they had to be listed on here ) as I could energy permitting! In the available time...I wanted to be back at the car for about 4.30pm. So off I went up through Walthwaite to climb steeply beside Megs Gill. There's rather a lot of pictures......

Once the "ridge" was reached the great view over Grasmere and Rydal Water was revealed

Shortly after I was on the summit of Silver Howe, my first top of the day.

Next on the agenda Lang How. This is the view from the top looking up Langdale

This is the rounded top of Swinescar Pike, sunbeams lighting up the valley beyond

Next Little Castle How, more sunbeams :-)

Lots of up and down, twisting and turning over castle How (Raw Pike) and Great Castle How brought me to Blea Rigg seen here looking back East along the ridge

Further on the ridge you see Blea Tarn and its surrounding fells 

Its a bit of a pull up to Sergeant Man, although there was welcome shelter from the stiff breeze.

After a spot of lunch I set off across the very wet path to High Raise ( I realised I'd missed the top of Codale Head part way across but chose not to go back for it :-( ). There was a good view down towards Borrowdale, I didn't linger due to the cold wind. Instead turning South and passing over Thurnacar Knott.

Its only a short distance to Pavey Ark, here on the summit is the aerial view down to Blea Tarn.

I always think its rough ground between Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle, maybe its just me?
Great view of Pavey Ark mind!

A proper drop and climb brings you to Pike O'Stickle, wild on top today. The last couple of tops of today's walk are long the ridge in the centre of the image.

Loft Crag with Harrison Stickle behind....and Thorn Crag below.

Its a steep descent down to the valley floor. I stopped here to eat what was left of my lunch and totted up the tops. 9 Wainwrights, 4 Birketts and 2 Synge's, quite happy with that.
Of course I still had to walk back to the car in Chapel Stile, it's an easy walk along the valley bottom tho.
There's a Strava track here if anyone wants to see my route.