Sunday 28 February 2016

RSF Ride to Malham...Via Weets Top....and Back to Settle

A ride out with the Rough Stuff Fellowship....Grey Beards aren't compulsory! although they do seem popular! The sun shone tempered by a bitter Easterly wind, and even though we only rode 25 or so miles it was almost all offroad. Here's a few pictures of the day.

Its a stiff climb out of Settle on the bridleway which contours above Langcliffe to join the Gorbeck track

The junction at the start of the Gorbeck track.

From the high point a grand view North to Pen-y-Gent

Further along the track and as we started to descend to Langscar Gate there's a glimpse of Malham Tarn

After a buttie stop sheltering from the bitter wind near the Weastern end of Mastiles Lane we rode off along the lane again into the wind. It didn't seem to bother these Galloway calfs....not surprising with coats like those!

Looking east along Mastiles Lane, a big sky day

Having turned onto Smearbottoms Lane, we climbed up to Weets Top and its stone

Its a cracking descent across Calton Moor.

After Cake and Hot Chocolate in Airton, we were on tarmac for a couple of miles as we gained height beside Malham Cove

Its a real steep drag up from the road to Nappa Cross, where we regrouped ready for the descent down Stockdale

Stockdale seemed rougher than I remember, nothing to worrying even on a rigid bike, just enough to make things interesting!

Attermire Scar seen from Stockdale Lane.

A short section of the Pennine Bridleway and we were back at Settle just time for a brew and chat before we went our separate ways.
A great circuit in good company a Strava track can be found here for those who might want to see just were we went.

Thursday 18 February 2016

Dunmail Raise

Anyone with even a passing interest in the Lake District will be well aware of the closure of the A591, just North of Dunmail Raise. Earlier this week a shuttle bus service started from Grasmere to Keswick....But that wasn't for us, we decided that with the road in effect closed we should have a wander over and back. It felt strange being able walk basically where we liked on what normally feels more like the set of "Wacky Races"!

This old milestone close to the large lay-by near the foot of the Southern side of Dunmail Raise.
Its a good bit further than 11 miles to Keswick by car from this point at the moment, due to the torturous detour

This old mine level was broken into when the "New" Dunmail Raise road was created. Its on the Eastern side of the road, I think it was probably made in the search for Iron Ore.

Plenty of time to look back and admire Helm Crag, and in the centre of the picture the old Second World War Pillbox.

Steel Fell had a scattering of snow, the mist was drifting round in the light breeze

The AA box outside "Raise Cottage"....although I still think of it as the Achille Ratti" Club Hut.

Here we have the shuttle bus service timetable.

I may have seen this old stone before, I can't remember!
MCWW....Manchester Corporation Water Works of course, this would have been their Southern boundry.

King Dunmail's Cairn, you risk you life trying to get to this normally.

Lots of work going on, this is the "ByPass" part, with the recently installed "Bailey Bridges"

Here we're on our way back on the resurfaced old road, surely the best road surface in the entire Lake District!!
It would be good to think when the A591 is re-opened this will be kept as a cyclepath avoiding  busy, narrow section of the main road

Between the two temporary bridges....It looks like its always been like this!
Back along the road to the car. Although we stopped to have a chat with the guys on security duty. They had some interesting tales to tell of the abuse they and their colleagues had suffered by some vehicle drivers who clearly thought they were "special"
We enjoyed our unusual walk, it was good to take the opportunity to check out on foot what we usually speed by>

Sunday 14 February 2016

A Wander round Lower Crummackdale

An absolutely beautiful Winter day, the sun shone almost all day. Another favourite area, I never tire of this truly rural part of the Yorkshire Dales....either on foot or on the bike.

Having parked in Austwick we walked up Crummack Lane, once the steep bit is done theres a great view of Robin Procters Scar and the Norber Boulders. 

Over to the East is Moughton Scar with the  hamlet of Wharfe nestling below.

Lots of Snowdrops in the verges as we walked up the lane.

Then it was down to Wharfe, stopping beside Washfold dub for our lunch...soaking up some "rays"!

Wharfe Lane twists and turns as it contours below Moughton Scar before dropping down to Wharfe.

Looking back to Wharfe and Moughton Scar as we crossed to Wood End.

Wood Lane took us under Oxenber and onto the Pennine Bridleway.

Which led us back over Austwick Bridge and to the car in Austwick.

Thursday 11 February 2016

A Walk Beside Coniston Water

We've done this walk a couple of times before, I've written about it on the blog. Anyway today's outing was characterised by an almost complete lack of other folk. The sun shone intermittently, Its a favourite of no doubt we'll do it again!

Across the fields to Coniston Hall, overlooked by the snow capped "Old Man"

Past the farm and here were a number of "Scratting Hens"

Beside the lakeshore we were accompanied by a large flock of Canada Geese

Nice to be out and see some blue sky!

We returned to Coniston and the car via the old railway trackbed.
A really pleasant stroll.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Silverdale Ramble

Having been out on the road bike first thing and battled the start of storm Imogen, I felt we should aim for somewhere sheltered for our walk today. So we drove the short distance to Leighton Moss and parked amidst lots of twitchers.

Through the musical gate in "The Trough" we went.

This permissive path brings you into Trowbarrow Quarry, now a nature reserve.
Rather topically since his recent demise many of the climbs on the main face are named after David Bowie tracks!

Passing through Red Bridge we arrived at Haweswater, a grand spot for a bite to eat. To wild today tho

The sun even came out for while, we'd almost forgotten what it looked like. 

Skirting the Western shore of Haweswater, we then entered Eaves Wood. 

A stroll along "The Row" before crossing Silverdale Golf Course...needless to say being good law abiding citizens no loitering was carried out!

This appealing old sign is on Silverdale Rail station, I really like it.
An enjoyable afternoon, a bit wild but all good.