Thursday 29 June 2017

Brackenber Moor aka Appleby Golf Course!! Whattt!!

Don't worry folks I've not taken up golf! Appleby-in-Westmorland's golf club is on Brackenber Moor, and has lots of paths criss-crossing it. It also has a number of Tumuli and other antiquities.
Neither of us felt very energetic and this would be new ground to both of us. We parked at Brackenber Gate and headed across the golf course to George Gill. There is an ancient earthwork above the gill, quite evident on the ground but didn't photograph well....enough rambling, on with the photos....

Unusual sandstone formations adjacent to.....

....This cave. quite large, marked on the 1:25000 map.. It's large enough to shelter several folk, although occupied today by a decaying dead sheep :-(

Appleby Golf Club clubhouse, Roman Fell behind. Beyond that the Warcop Range, today the army were very busy knocking hell out of something!!
We made our way back to the car on several paths/bridleways as I mentioned earlier they cross the course a number of times. As the "rough" is largely left alone except for the sheep there was lots of bird life which is excellent.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Chillout Day on the Motorbike

After my week of walking, (and getting "Cooked" yesterday I planned an easy day. Out on the least I could make my own breeze! I wended my way over to Blanchland and back. Unfortunately it was even too hot on the bike!
Here's a few random pictures from today.....

Kirkcarrion seen beyond a typical Teesdale hay meadow.

Newbiggin Methodist Chapel, the oldest in continued use anywhere in the world! Sadly now for sale....although not religious myself I suppose it's a sign of the times?

Shildon Engine House, near Blanchland. It used to house a large beam engine...the mine was never very successful apparently.

I came back over would be rude not to!

Saturday 17 June 2017

A Cogra Moss Circuit

Being a weekend I was looking for a quieter area in the Lakes. The smaller hills between Ennerdale Lake and Loweswater fitted that brief. I only saw 1 person to speak to and 2 more in the distance. The downside is the early start required to get through the lakes before the "swivelheads" appear!
It was very hot, a bit damp underfoot tho! is usual some pics from the day.....

Cogra Moss reservoir, Blake Fell is the high point in this photo

Having walked up through the shade of the plantation, I chose not to go over Blake Fell but took this contouring path which I'd never been on before.

Probably just me, but when I looked back at this view, it reminded me of the Pyrenees?

I was making good time so took a walk over to Gavel Fell. There was a great view of Grasmoor and Whiteside over Melbreak.

Floutern Tarn under the North face of Great Borne, I think the hill in the far distance is Pillar.

The last "nail" in my (very) irregular horseshoe Knock Murton. It has a very well constructed shelter as you can see.

I dropped down to the road via the broad West ridge passing these old iron mine workings.
A good day, a bit warm for me truth be told....I was glad to get back to the car have a clothing change and put the aircon on!

Thursday 15 June 2017

Return to Halton Gill

It's only a few weeks since we were at Halton Gill. But this morning requiring an easy day we were back, this time to walk down river towards Litton. The hay meadows are something special at the moment. As usual here's a few images from the day.....

Looking back to the hamlet of Halton Gill and Horse Head Moor

One of the amazing hay meadows.

Another meadow beside Hesledon Beck, with Pen-y-ghent in the distance

The waterless River Skirfare near Litton.
From here we walked back up the minor road to the car at Halton Gill. The road was nice and quiet being midweek and gave us the chance to watch the birdlife in the river below the road.
A lovely area....we'll be back!

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Stuc a Chroin

Today was the last day of my short trip to Scotland, and it stayed dry! I got packed pronto at the SYHA and drove over to Loch Earn. Taking the South Loch Earn road to Ardvorlich, and getting parked up and left by 8.30. The cloudbase was still low though. I was last here in March 1986! with my old mate Tim. We drove up from the Lakes just for the day and climbed Ben Vorlich but ran out of time and didn't get to Stuc a Chroin....we didn't get a view either and I remember there was a lot of snow about.
Hence the reason for todays visit, filling in another gap. Here's a few pictures of my day....

There's an excellent farm track which leads out onto the hill

While ahead the summit of Ben Vorlich was in the cloud. I decided to contour Coire Buidhe to the col rather than go over Ben Vorlich, if it had been clear I would have included it.

The path over to the col was much better than I had thought and helped me make good time.
As I skirted round to the bottom of Stuc a Chroin...I was being watched!

No view on Stuc a no summit views all trip! I felt chuffed I'd filled in the gap after 30 years though.

I glanced down to my shoes, and realised that the sole was coming off my right trail shoe!
They didn't owe me anything, but I would have preferred them to have failed at a more convenient time!

I returned the same way, the day was improving with the cloud starting to is so often the way!
I've enjoyed my few days, some more gaps filled in and summits bagged.

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Beinn Chabhair

Another wet day, although the wind was barely evident as I parked the car at The Drovers in Glen Falloch...of course no wind in June means.....Midges! Truthfully they weren't that bad. So hood up and in full waterproofs off I went, through Bein Glas Farm....noted for its many signs! Again not many photos, and all taken on the phone.....

Looking down into Glen Falloch from the path to the Ben Glas Falls.

The Falls....and impressive they were as well. A benefit of all that rain!

Approaching Lichen Beinn Chabhair.....and entering the cloud.

Another day..... Another pile of stones in the mist/cloud! This one is the summit of Beinn Chabhair. It seemed like it would never arrive, there were lots of humps and bumps along the way.

This was the state of the ground underfoot for much  a of wonder hydro is so popular in the Highlands...the hills are a sponge/battery for storing energy...and sapping mine! 😀 Back the same way until I picked up the new hydro track which made life alot easier. Just a short way South along the West Highland Way, and back to the car

Monday 12 June 2017

Stob Binnein

This area has always provided me with a challenge. I climbed Stob Binnein's twin Ben More just over 20 years ago! That was in February 97 and the hills were snow clad with lots of ice higher up. We ran out of time in the short daylight hours so left Stob Binnein's for another day.....Today that day had come.
The forecast wasn't good...infact it was crap! Any sane person would have gone somewhere else. But I got parked near Ben More Farm just about 8.30 and set off into the driving rain and gusty winds. I decided I'd see what it was like up on the bealach and take a view. Not many photos of this walk and only taken on the phone...

The initial climb is up the farm track above the Ben More Burn
There is a recent hydro installation here.
Things weren't to bad down here in the shelter of the valley, the rain didn't seem to want to ease off though.

Eventually the farm track ends and a walkers path continues, the going was best described as soggy both underfoot and from above.

It was a hard toil up to the bealach, but at least the wind was behind me.
Once on the bealach though the wind speed increased dramatically (as it so often does). I made the decision to continue, but kept away from the steep Corrie on the East. The rain never eased, and with the increased wind it was felt on my neck through a windproof and waterproof!
Strangely, or probably not it was slightly calmer on the summit.... although the image above is the best of 3 snatched in lulls in the storm.
It was back the same way, stopping periodically to wring my buff mitts out!
I'm glad it's ticked off, after all these years. Every time I drove past it niggled me.

Sunday 11 June 2017


The summit of Tinto
Today was the first of 4 days walking in Scotland. Originally planned as a Munro bagging trip! The weather forecast has not been good, indeed thunder storms were on the menu.
With this in mind I decided to do my hill walk further South. I climbed Tinto by the "tourist" path....and very popular it was as well.  The path from the Northeast made for an easy and quick ascent, just as well because it was very windy..,..and wet for most of the time.
Tinto is of course both a Graham and a a double tick. Always good!
I did take some pictures.....but forgot the cable to transfer them to my tablet 😡 I will probably put something up on my return.
I'm at Crianlarich SYHA contemplating the best option for tomorrow....,.we'll see what the weather is doing in the morning is the current thought.

Friday 9 June 2017

A Circuit From Bassenthwaite Village

Out with Bill today for a wander. After a bit of discussion we decided on a low level ramble on paths neither of us had been on from Bassenthwaite village. We only saw 2 folk all the way round, the weather improved as the day went on. As always here's a few pics of the day....

From the village we crossed Chapel beck and headed up to (and round) Barkbeth Farm.
Here there was a great view back across the valley to Binsey in the background.

The bridleway descended from here as we made our way down paths and tracks to the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake.

We had lunch here on the shore at Bowness Bay (a rather quieter one this, and all the better for it!)
Ullock Pike, Longside Edge and Dodd form the backdrop.

Further along the path you could see back the length of the lake to Catbells and beyond.

The path leaves the shore and crosses what might be described as "water meadows".....they were certainly wet! Good views back to the Skiddaw group from an unusual angle.
I felt really lethargic shortly after this as we crossed farmland back to the village.
This doesn't bode well as I'm off to Scotland in a couple of days :-(

Sunday 4 June 2017

Oxen Park Wander

Today we had a wander round the paths and bridleways North of Oxen Park. This is a little visited area....a great place to get away from the half termers! Indeed we only met 2 other people all the way round. There is a hidden gem, hereabouts but to publicise it would spoil it so.... Here's a few photos of the day.

Its Foxglove season, there were lots lining the paths and tracks.

Looking back to Oxen Park and the coast from the Byway to Ickenthwaite

Almost on the high point of our ramble on Bethecar Moor, looking East across the Rusland Valley.

Back in Oxen Park, this is the village Reading Room.
Ordered in 1901, delivered by train to Greenodd and brought from there to the village by horse and cart! I think they are considering replacing it if they can get the funds together.
It'll be a shame, it has a certain character!

Thursday 1 June 2017

A Bit of a Catch Up.......

I've been a bit busy over the last 10 days or so. But I've been out and about as well. The blog has taken a bit of a back seat, so I thought I'd do a catch up. Generally walking places that I haven't visited for many years! Any way here's a few images of my doings....

Last Thursday I had a ride on the motorbike over Kirkstone and a loop round the Northern Fells.
I couldn't resist this classic picture of the hills round the head of Troutbeck.

Another day another ruin!!
Here from the Corpse Road out of Mardale, and the classic view into Riggindale.

Tuesday and the weather let me you can see!
I ended up doing a navigation exercise above Eskdale...I should have stuck to a low level walk closer to home!

Wednesday, the weather had bucked its ideas up so over to Wensleydale on the motorbike.
I'd never been to this spot before, its Nappa on the North side of the valley.
A great view and with a convenient bench just the spot for lunch :-)

Today, with rain forecast and wanting to pop into Keswick I had a mooch round the quarries above The Coach Road and their environs. Of course it didn't rain!!
There was also an aborted wild camp, which was a "comedy" of errors...So I'll gloss over that!
I've got to say this 4 day week malarkey is excellent....especially when supplemented with an odd days leave! There's been a fair bit of road cycling as well but I rarely take pictures when I'm on that game.
Caught up now!