Sunday 4 June 2017

Oxen Park Wander

Today we had a wander round the paths and bridleways North of Oxen Park. This is a little visited area....a great place to get away from the half termers! Indeed we only met 2 other people all the way round. There is a hidden gem, hereabouts but to publicise it would spoil it so.... Here's a few photos of the day.

Its Foxglove season, there were lots lining the paths and tracks.

Looking back to Oxen Park and the coast from the Byway to Ickenthwaite

Almost on the high point of our ramble on Bethecar Moor, looking East across the Rusland Valley.

Back in Oxen Park, this is the village Reading Room.
Ordered in 1901, delivered by train to Greenodd and brought from there to the village by horse and cart! I think they are considering replacing it if they can get the funds together.
It'll be a shame, it has a certain character!

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