Tuesday 13 June 2017

Beinn Chabhair

Another wet day, although the wind was barely evident as I parked the car at The Drovers in Glen Falloch...of course no wind in June means.....Midges! Truthfully they weren't that bad. So hood up and in full waterproofs off I went, through Bein Glas Farm....noted for its many signs! Again not many photos, and all taken on the phone.....

Looking down into Glen Falloch from the path to the Ben Glas Falls.

The Falls....and impressive they were as well. A benefit of all that rain!

Approaching Lichen Beinn Chabhair.....and entering the cloud.

Another day..... Another pile of stones in the mist/cloud! This one is the summit of Beinn Chabhair. It seemed like it would never arrive, there were lots of humps and bumps along the way.

This was the state of the ground underfoot for much  a of today...no wonder hydro is so popular in the Highlands...the hills are a sponge/battery for storing energy...and sapping mine! 😀 Back the same way until I picked up the new hydro track which made life alot easier. Just a short way South along the West Highland Way, and back to the car

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