Monday 12 June 2017

Stob Binnein

This area has always provided me with a challenge. I climbed Stob Binnein's twin Ben More just over 20 years ago! That was in February 97 and the hills were snow clad with lots of ice higher up. We ran out of time in the short daylight hours so left Stob Binnein's for another day.....Today that day had come.
The forecast wasn't good...infact it was crap! Any sane person would have gone somewhere else. But I got parked near Ben More Farm just about 8.30 and set off into the driving rain and gusty winds. I decided I'd see what it was like up on the bealach and take a view. Not many photos of this walk and only taken on the phone...

The initial climb is up the farm track above the Ben More Burn
There is a recent hydro installation here.
Things weren't to bad down here in the shelter of the valley, the rain didn't seem to want to ease off though.

Eventually the farm track ends and a walkers path continues, the going was best described as soggy both underfoot and from above.

It was a hard toil up to the bealach, but at least the wind was behind me.
Once on the bealach though the wind speed increased dramatically (as it so often does). I made the decision to continue, but kept away from the steep Corrie on the East. The rain never eased, and with the increased wind it was felt on my neck through a windproof and waterproof!
Strangely, or probably not it was slightly calmer on the summit.... although the image above is the best of 3 snatched in lulls in the storm.
It was back the same way, stopping periodically to wring my buff mitts out!
I'm glad it's ticked off, after all these years. Every time I drove past it niggled me.


  1. 10 out of 10 for effort. I hate not having a view having got to the top. Steep drop off on the other side.

    1. It certainly was Alan, foremost in my mind as the wind tossed me about! Felt like I'd been in a washing machine on rinse and fast spin!
      Weather just looks wet and low cloud tomorrow, not to windy....we'll see!