Thursday 31 March 2016

Helwith to Horton

The plan was for Ian and I to do what the title suggests, via Pen-y-Ghent. However what we actually did was rather different. The reason for the walk was clue hunting for the "Backpackers Club" treasure hunt in September.....Non of  which will be revealed here! The weather was superb, the sun shone all day really warm at times.

Having parked in Helwith Bridge it was across the bridge and off up Long Lane. 

Height is gained gradually on the ascent of Long Lane. Across Ribblesdale the view was filled with Ingleborough, and i the distance Whernside.

In-front though Pen-y-Ghent lured us on. 

We dropped off the ridge into Horton via Brackenbottom. A brew in the Pen-y-ghent Cafe and it was back across the Ribble and off up towards Sulber Nick.

We left the Sulber path and headed over in the general direction of Moughton.
This view looking Eastwards to Pen- y-Ghent reminded us both of past treks in the Pyrenees.

Moughton covers a large area, but is very quiet with few paths, good vantage point for Ingleborough, Simon and Park Fell though.

We stopped here for a brew overlooking Crummackdale.

The trig on Moughton. From here there was alot of anklebreaking terrain over the scar before we could drop back down to the car at Helwith Bridge.
Excellent weather as I mentioned earlier, a good day out.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Meander From Morland

I had been checking the forecast for the past couple of days, of course the weather was to change this morning...our day off!! However the forecast did say it would be dry in the Eden Valley/Penrith off we went. We almost lost faith as the rain hammered down over Shap Fell, but true enough as we approached Morland all was dry.

Having parked in the car park at the top of the village adjacent to the village hall, we dropped down to the bridge and beck. This building is an old mill.

This is Morland Beck, we would follow it for the first part of our ramble.

The beck has taken huge chunks out of its banks during the storms of last winter.

Having left Morland Beck a little rise and we dropped down to the River Lyvennet, here in the grounds of Crossrigg Hall. This bridge which the bridleway passes over is cast iron, unusual hereabouts. Some of its supports are broken so tractors etc have to ford the river rather than use it.

Following the river for a while we crossed it again on a footbridge (this is taken from it). There are stepping stones in the centre of this photo, although a crucial stone has moved!

back to the village through Town Wood, lots of mature trees in here. It was very sheltered, there were many shrubs and trees starting to bud. 

The village garage has seen better days, bit of an eyesore really:-(
The old Morris traveller is sat there just rotting away...shame.

This is the really rather splendid village church of St Lawrance, it has the only Saxon Tower in the Northwest and dates from 1050!
Not a long walk only about 3-4 miles the information board said it was waymarked, but we saw none. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find new paths with out travelling to far, but this was all new to us. Excellent!

Sunday 20 March 2016

RSF Ride From Orton to Kirkby Stephen

Just the three of us today for the last programmed RSF ride for a few months. We were certainly blessed with the weather, it was really warm in the sun. Although the distant views were hazy. I think we only saw one person on any of the bridleways, tracks and byways. This area is definitely away from the maddening crowd. On with the pics....

Leaving Orton we headed East before taking Street Lane and following the Coast to Coast route for a while.

Looking back along the CtoC from near Sunbiggin

The first proper climb of the day brought us over the shoulder of Great Asby Scar.

More lanes led past Masongill and Asby Grange.
This clapper bridge is at Water Houses...but has neither a path to it or from it!

It was along pull up Newclose Lane, but it gave us access to Crosby Garrett Fell and the excellent bridleways on it. Here Ian is starting the descent, the recon from last weekend came in handy:-)

Minor roads to Soulby where there was clear evidence of the floods from last year.

The excellent byway beside Scandale Beck brings you to this footbridge across the Eden.
Then it was into Kirkby Stephen for cake and tea.

Another byway to Waitby.....

The lane had a number of thorns...which gave Ian a pun**ure...after much banter we were on our way again with the climb onto Smardale Fell.

High on Smardale Fell, the sky to the east looking dark. All was sunny with us though.

BarughLooking along Smardale with the viaduct in the distance.

A bit of road work along the old A685 to Kelleth, then the byway over Barugh and back to the cars at Orton.
A great day, and the weather couldn't have been better.
A track of our route can be found here. 

Thursday 17 March 2016

Ribblehead Ramble

As flat a walk as possible required today for P's. poorly hip/foot. So a ramble round the environs of Ribblehead was just the ticket. Here's a few pics of the afternoon....

Ribblehead Viaduct with Whernside looking down from the background.

Scales Beck and Blea Moor signalbox

Herdwicks on holiday!! :-)

Back to the car under the viaduct, Pen-y-Gent beyond.

Sunday 13 March 2016

Nettle Hill....Near Crosby Garrett

There's a large area of open access land to the North of Newbiggin-on-Lune. Criss-crossed by paths and bridleways this upland doesn't see many visitors. Although I've visited this area many times before, I've never been to it's high point. So that was today's misson...Nettle Hill!

Having parked in the village of Crosby Garrett of we went to the South, under the viaduct which carries the Settle-Carlisle line.
I'm not 100% sure what the small enclosure is in the foreground, I suspect it may have been a fold for keeping stray sheep until they could be collected by their rightful owners?

The bridleway climbs the open fell, and passes close by this group of rocks.
They rejoice in the name of "Willycock Stones"...No sniggering at the back!!
I think a local farmer must have had a real laugh at the expense of the Ordnance Survey guys! 

This object of today's walk, Nettle Hill.
Its a grand viewpoint, Wild Boar Fell in the distance in this photo. But the Howgills, Pennines and Lakes hills were all visible even on a hazy day like today.
What I can definitely say is that there are....NO Nettles!!

More bridleways across the fell, before dropping back down this...Ladle Lane.

Many of the fields contain a barn, this is a fine example. Ladle Lane (no Ladles were seen) led us back to Crosby Garrett and the car.
Today really felt like Spring had arrived, great to feel the warmth of the hazy sun.

Thursday 10 March 2016

Lower Barbondale

Just a short wander in between jobs, very pleasant all the same. Only saw 2 folk all the way round, plus a couple of cars. There was a biting wind blowing down the dale, we were glad to turn round and have it on our backs! Here's a few pics of the day....nothing exciting, its not that kinda walk!

We parked near the church in Barbon, and walked up the main drive to Barbon Manor.
The drive has a double life, it is also the venue for sprint hillclimbs twice a year currently. 

After leaving the drive we walked te bridleway through the woods below the manor.

Back to the car along the road which was very quiet. This is a "Goldsworthy" sheepfold, in the background Great Coum has a decent covering of snow.

Sunday 6 March 2016

An Afternoon Wander From High Cross

High Cross is at the high point of the road between Coniston and Hawkshead. We set off in a Southerly direction into Grizedale Forest. The sun is starting to have some warmth in it and there was definitely a feeling that Spring is on the way. A few pics of the superb views today.

Great view of the Coniston Fells from High Cross

And why would you....when you could look up and see this!

Dropping down through the Scots Pines

Lower down and Wetherlam dominates the scene, the Langdales peeping over Holme Fell

Back to the car along the multi-use track...couldn't help looking back at the Coniston Fells.