Sunday 20 March 2016

RSF Ride From Orton to Kirkby Stephen

Just the three of us today for the last programmed RSF ride for a few months. We were certainly blessed with the weather, it was really warm in the sun. Although the distant views were hazy. I think we only saw one person on any of the bridleways, tracks and byways. This area is definitely away from the maddening crowd. On with the pics....

Leaving Orton we headed East before taking Street Lane and following the Coast to Coast route for a while.

Looking back along the CtoC from near Sunbiggin

The first proper climb of the day brought us over the shoulder of Great Asby Scar.

More lanes led past Masongill and Asby Grange.
This clapper bridge is at Water Houses...but has neither a path to it or from it!

It was along pull up Newclose Lane, but it gave us access to Crosby Garrett Fell and the excellent bridleways on it. Here Ian is starting the descent, the recon from last weekend came in handy:-)

Minor roads to Soulby where there was clear evidence of the floods from last year.

The excellent byway beside Scandale Beck brings you to this footbridge across the Eden.
Then it was into Kirkby Stephen for cake and tea.

Another byway to Waitby.....

The lane had a number of thorns...which gave Ian a pun**ure...after much banter we were on our way again with the climb onto Smardale Fell.

High on Smardale Fell, the sky to the east looking dark. All was sunny with us though.

BarughLooking along Smardale with the viaduct in the distance.

A bit of road work along the old A685 to Kelleth, then the byway over Barugh and back to the cars at Orton.
A great day, and the weather couldn't have been better.
A track of our route can be found here. 


  1. Great area for cycling, if a little hilly. We often jump on the train at Glasgow Central and travel to Penrith for a day out cycling.

    1. Wow that's keen Jane! Yes it's a great area for cycling...both on and off road.
      When ever I'm at Glasgow Central, I'm usually on my way to walk in the Highlands.