Sunday 13 March 2016

Nettle Hill....Near Crosby Garrett

There's a large area of open access land to the North of Newbiggin-on-Lune. Criss-crossed by paths and bridleways this upland doesn't see many visitors. Although I've visited this area many times before, I've never been to it's high point. So that was today's misson...Nettle Hill!

Having parked in the village of Crosby Garrett of we went to the South, under the viaduct which carries the Settle-Carlisle line.
I'm not 100% sure what the small enclosure is in the foreground, I suspect it may have been a fold for keeping stray sheep until they could be collected by their rightful owners?

The bridleway climbs the open fell, and passes close by this group of rocks.
They rejoice in the name of "Willycock Stones"...No sniggering at the back!!
I think a local farmer must have had a real laugh at the expense of the Ordnance Survey guys! 

This object of today's walk, Nettle Hill.
Its a grand viewpoint, Wild Boar Fell in the distance in this photo. But the Howgills, Pennines and Lakes hills were all visible even on a hazy day like today.
What I can definitely say is that there are....NO Nettles!!

More bridleways across the fell, before dropping back down this...Ladle Lane.

Many of the fields contain a barn, this is a fine example. Ladle Lane (no Ladles were seen) led us back to Crosby Garrett and the car.
Today really felt like Spring had arrived, great to feel the warmth of the hazy sun.


  1. Number folk visting the area may change when it becomes part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in August 2016

    1. I think most people will still just visit the honeypots, they don't venture far from their cars!!