Wednesday 27 February 2019

Kelly Hall Tarn & Bannishead Quarries

Motorcycle MOT day today so that was the bulk of the morning spoken for. I had thought I might visit the two locations on the motorbike but although the sun was shining and it was warm for the time of year, it still felt cold to me. So it was back home and a trip in the car...softie!

Kelly Hall Tarn, only 100m or so from the road. I must have past it dozens of times since I last visited. Today I knew the light wouldn't be great, so it was more of a scouting mission for the future.

The distant views were hazy, but this is a very photogenic spot....

I left the tarn behind and drove a little further to Little Arrow between Torver and Coniston. The path from here to Bannishead quarries is much less used than the Tranearth bridleway. I haven't used it for more than 20 years at least....The goal was to have another look at the open quarry seen above....again the light was poor. 

The fall at the Western end didn't have that much water in it....we have had a week of dry weather though, so I should have given that a bit more thought!

The light was improving as the afternoon passed on.
This is Torver Beck, Coniston Old Man in the background...Dow crag obscured by the tree.
I returned to the car pretty much the way I'd come. Quite pleased with my scouting trip...earlier starts are required!

Sunday 24 February 2019

More Waterfalls....

Having injured my back earlier in the week, walking any distance was going to be difficult. So a bit of rest (or at least as close to it as I was prepared to do) was called for. So today it was a drive over to the Dales, specifically Wensleydale and Swaledale. What a beautiful day it was, I really enjoyed a "chillax"....neither waterfall required any more than a stroll. Amazing weather for February, really good to top up on the Vitamin back feels better as well :-)

Cotter Force West of Hardraw in upper Wensleydale
As I say above just a short stroll from the road...wheelchair friendly as well 

Wain Wath Force near Keld in upper Swaledale
Even closer to the road...slippy rocks though!
After a drive over The Buttertubs with several stops to admire the view, albeit to hazy for photographs.
Back home the same way with the cloud building, it didn't feel like the same day.

Sunday 17 February 2019

Catrigg, Winskill and Nappa Scar....

Jobs this morning, and besides the forecast was for a sunny end to the afternoon. I didn't leave home until after 1pm, with a plan to visit a few well known photo opportunities. Parking above Winskill Stones the weather wasn't looking very promising, in fact it was trying to rain! It was only a few spots, so off I walked down to Catrigg Force firstly. The main object of the exercise was to take a few photos with my new camera. The results of my endeavours are below, some of the images have been cropped but no other editing has been done...

Catrigg Force, both "drops" in this image. There was no sun when I arrived, which helped with the long exposure.

Just the lower "drop"....still no sun!

However as I emerged from the confines of  Stainforth Beck the sun was starting to breakthrough.
This is taken above the Force looking West, the prominent top is Smearsett Scar.

Heading back towards Winskill Stones, Pen-y-ghent was out of he cloud.

My take on what is a very popular image of the Hawthorn tree on Winskill Stones.
A lot of the limestone pavement around here was robbed for rockeries etc until it was banned.

This large Ash tree has managed to survive the grazing when it was younger! Ingleborough is to it's left.

I then drove round to Austwick, it was on the way home anyway. I parked on Crummack Lane and had just enough time to get up onto Nappa Scar. The sun was disappearing quickly but was lighting up the boulders and scar with warm light.
The low hill in the middle distance is Smearsett Scar again!

Another image of Nappa Scar.

It wasn't long before the sun disappeared beyond the Bowland Fells.
Time to walk back to the car along Crummack Lane.
I'm pleased with the results from the camera so far, I'm sure it's far more capable than the human holding it!

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Synge's on the Fringes of the Northern Fells

It was windy that's an was ****ing wild! As I'm writing this up I still feel battered. It's been a worthwhile day though, another 4 Synge's bagged although I'd planned 5 :-( I'm into single figures left now, The ones left to do now are bit scattered mind. It's a miracle that all my pictures weren't badly blurred, here's a few images from the day.

I parked at the end of the road in Mosedale and set off West...into a vicious headwind. The actual hill I was going to climb is beyond the heather clad slope in the middle of the photo.

Having walked up the quad track over Cocklakes, I contoured round the head of Burdell Gill and at last the top I was aiming for Pike was looking a bit closer. Its seen here infront of Lonscale Pike...(I'm presuming folk will know which one that is!!)

At last he summit of Pike, Carrock Fell looks quite pointy from this angle.
The wind would be behind me on the way back...thank goodness.

Back round Burdell Gill, and over Coomb Height. I descended the ridge back to the waiting car.

A drive round via Caldbeck to park on the Southern Edge of Aughertree Fell. Then only a short walk to Mickle Rigg...I would say this clump of rushes is the highpoint. The sheet of water in the distance is Overwater. I would be over there later (no pun intended!)
This is the summit of Lowthwaite Fell, Binsey in the background. There is no access to this one so no route description I'm afraid. It was still windy, and by the shape of the grown out hedge it often is!

It was then a rather convoluted route to Castle How, another trespass required to visit the top. this is the  view from the summit looking more or less Northeast.
From here I descended to the road near Orthwaite, and walked back along the lanes to the car, again with the wind behind me. I'd planned another top, but basically just felt knackered!! Not like me :-(
Always good to be out and at least it stayed dry.

Thursday 7 February 2019

Hampsfell....By Train!

Another day with only the afternoon available for a walk. As I'd already been driving in the morning iIdecided to take advantage of the train across the bay. Having parked in Arnside which is really handy for home, I caught the train to Grange-over-Sands for the princely sum of £1.65 return. Ahhh the benefits of the senior railcard! Off  went up Windermere road to enter Eggerslack Wood.

As I headed North through the wood I crossed this stream which had some equipment installed to monitor the strength of the spring I would guess...perhaps giving an early warning to the unfortunate folk who seem to be getting flooded on a far more regular basis.

Once out  of the wood a bridleway leads past High Hampsfield Farm, I then passed this well preserved limekiln.

I then had to climb back over Hampsfell, it was rather breezy and showers were being driven in from the west. Just as I'd found this sheltered spot for a brew and buttie the rainbow appeared over to the East.

No walk on Hampsfell is compete without visiting the Hospice, it was a wild spot today though.

I climbed to the top, the view up into the Lakes showed that the coastal areas were a better bet today.

It was downhill all the way back to the station, and only a short wait for the train back to Arnside.
A bit of a change for me to use the train, an enjoyable afternoon out.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Wansfell Pike With Tim

Out with Tim today, always good to catch up and remember past adventures! We met near Troutbeck church and walked up the recently resurfaced bridleway which leads to the Low Fold area of Troutbeck. It was then up again along Robin Lane, before passing High Skelghyll. We had a look into the murk from Jenkin Crag, then it was up through Skelghyll Woods.
Photos aren't very good I'm afraid :-(.....

The broad leaf woodland was very pleasant to walk through...even in the intermittent rain

Once out on the open fell the rain stopped. This structure was built in connection with the Thrirlmere-Manchester pipeline I believe.
Neither of us could remember having climbed Wansfell by this route before...although we had camped somewhere in this immediate area about 40 years ago! 

A little further up and there's a couple of small quarries. An excellent viewpoint on a better day!

It was misty as we reached Wansfell Pike, seen here in the distance.
We sheltered behind a cross wall for some lunch. The mist cleared and we continued to this summit Baystones. It was then downhill all the way to the cars, across the Hundreds and down Nanny Lane.
Mre paths and bridleways completed the circuit, but not before we had a couple of heavy showers.
A great day!