Sunday, 17 February 2019

Catrigg, Winskill and Nappa Scar....

Jobs this morning, and besides the forecast was for a sunny end to the afternoon. I didn't leave home until after 1pm, with a plan to visit a few well known photo opportunities. Parking above Winskill Stones the weather wasn't looking very promising, in fact it was trying to rain! It was only a few spots, so off I walked down to Catrigg Force firstly. The main object of the exercise was to take a few photos with my new camera. The results of my endeavours are below, some of the images have been cropped but no other editing has been done...

Catrigg Force, both "drops" in this image. There was no sun when I arrived, which helped with the long exposure.

Just the lower "drop"....still no sun!

However as I emerged from the confines of  Stainforth Beck the sun was starting to breakthrough.
This is taken above the Force looking West, the prominent top is Smearsett Scar.

Heading back towards Winskill Stones, Pen-y-ghent was out of he cloud.

My take on what is a very popular image of the Hawthorn tree on Winskill Stones.
A lot of the limestone pavement around here was robbed for rockeries etc until it was banned.

This large Ash tree has managed to survive the grazing when it was younger! Ingleborough is to it's left.

I then drove round to Austwick, it was on the way home anyway. I parked on Crummack Lane and had just enough time to get up onto Nappa Scar. The sun was disappearing quickly but was lighting up the boulders and scar with warm light.
The low hill in the middle distance is Smearsett Scar again!

Another image of Nappa Scar.

It wasn't long before the sun disappeared beyond the Bowland Fells.
Time to walk back to the car along Crummack Lane.
I'm pleased with the results from the camera so far, I'm sure it's far more capable than the human holding it!


  1. I wouldn’t grumble at those shots. Nice. What camera did you get.
    I don’t recall having been to any of those spots.

    1. Thanks Alan
      I was pleased at what was my first proper go with it.
      It being a Panasonic Lumix GX80. Happy so far, I has good video capability apparently as well, but I'll attempt to master the stills first!
      I I'd had more time I would have parked in Langcliffe and made a proper walk out of the first 2 spots. Nappa Scar is above Austwick adjacent to the Norber boulders...sadly I didn't have time to get to the boulders.