Thursday 29 January 2015

Newton Fell (S) and Dixon Heights

A short bimble from Low Newton, to the bumpy little summit of Newton Fell (a Wainwright Outlyer) and the lower top of Dixon Heights. We set off in a heavy snow shower and retuned in another one! The wind was absolutely perishing! Its a nice little trip anyway, although possibly better on a warm summer evening!

No photos of Newton Fell I'm afraid, (I didn't get the camera out in the blizzard!)
This is Tom Tarn in the col before Dixon Heights

As we gained a bit of height and the snow showers cleared we were able to see up to the Kentmere Fells beyond Whitbarrow Scar.

Here on the summit of Dixon Heights is the remains of a tower constructed of the local slate.
 Whitbarrow Scar seen here across the Winster Valley.

Here we look due East, South of Whitbarrow across Meathop and Foulshaw Mosses to the South Lakes villages of Levens, Witherslack and Heversham.
We returned to the car via Eller How, Burnbank and Hollow Lane...much of the time being blasted by snow/hail driven in on the brisk wind.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Rough Stuff Fellowship ride over Garburn Pass

The forecast was poor for today so although I knew Ian would be at Wilf's Cafe in Staveley, I was surprised to find that Adam was also there. After a coffee/tea/hot chocolate! with a plan off we rode....

A short way up Kentmere, we headed up Browfoot Lane and onto the first rough stuff of the day.

After passing through High Borrans, a bit of tarmac and the climbing (gradual at first) started as we rode up Dubbs Road.

As we gained height any hope of a view were lost as we were enveloped in cloud. It was slightly drier though!

No photo's of the descent I'm afraid :-(
The drizzle had really set in, we sought shelter beside Kentmere village hall.

From Kentmere Hall it was uphill on the bridleway past Whiteside End into Kentmere Park.

By now it was very wet....and muddy!

After a quick descent to the valley we decided to add another would have been difficult to get any wetter. So up past Long Houses before a final descent past Elf Howe and back to the cars.
Another great ride, the weather only adds to the fun....that's what I keep telling myself.

Thursday 22 January 2015

A Couple of Wythop Birketts

A great couple of hours in one of the most peaceful valleys of the Lake District. Hidden from most folk and the neighbouring Wainwright's are usually bagged in short up and down trips from the other side. All good for the lover of quiet places....

We were able to park at the end of the public road. The bridleway heads East towards Wythop Woods.

Turning North we passed the abandoned farm of Lothwaite Side...shame its got amazing views as you can see!

As height is gained on the contouring path the Skiddaw group looks magnificent across Bass Lake.

This was our view from our lunch spot , the top of Lothwaite. There was barely a breath of wind.

It's only a short distance to Rivings, the next top. Here roughly in the centre of the image (not in the distance, that's Ling Fell). The weather seemed to be turing for the worse as cloud was building from the West. 

To the West all still looked good though. Paths and bridleways led back through Chapel Wood, and eventually the car.
A really pleasant, and peaceful outing.

Sunday 18 January 2015

Pike O'Blisco

The forecast said an improving day and so it turned out....

Almost noon by the time we left the "Old Dungeon Ghyll", the weather didn't look at all promising as we crossed the footbridge in Oxendale.

Once we gained height the was quite a bit more snow than we had thought...which was good. As we looked up towards Red Tarn we could see the spindrift  being whipped across the col.

Whilst looking back towards the Crinkles, blue sky was starting to appear.

Once at the col near Red Tarn we were subjected to the full force of the wind.

Proper 'ard Westmorland Herdy's !!

We made our own route up Pike O'Blisco, Cold Pike looking suitably cold.

After a bit of a play in a snow filled gully we arrived at the summit of Pike O'Blisco, Crinklie Crags and Bowfell looking impressive.

Ian leaving the summit of Pike O'Blisco.

Plenty of time to pay a visit to Blake Rigg, it's a boggy spot normally but today it was all frozen :-)

Greta views all round from the minor summit of Blake often the case IMHO!

Easy ground led us down to the top of the "Blea Tarn Road", then the improved path thro the fields and campsite and back to the ODG.
A great short day.

Sunday 11 January 2015

RSF Ride from Elterwater....

Any other time I wouldn't have even set off. But with my old mate Ian leading the ride I thought I should support him in his endeavours! No one else turned up and who could blame them, the car was rocking in the wind and lashed with a mixture of rain and sleet...nice! The weather was living up to the forecast, very wild and very wet. After a chat we decided that a walk would make more sense, so we drove over to Grasmere and parked up!
We walked along the new multi-use paths/tracks almost to Rydal before turning and returning by Rydal Caves and Loughrigg Terrace. An excellent day for testing waterproofs :-)

The only time the camera came out was in Rydal Cave, it also provided useful shelter for lunch.

The danger of wet days in the not so much getting soaked and cold. More the lure of warm dry gear shops, a pair of Anatom Ex Ventia trail shoes proved to good to resist at £35 in my unusually small size.
How did that happen!! :-))

Thursday 8 January 2015

Eycott Hills or Naddle Crags...Depends on who you listen to!

Continuing our theme of walks with out to much up and down, we parked just North of Berrier...where it was berri windy!

Heading west  the view was filled by Blencathra. Here quite clearly showing its "Saddleback".
Our route onwards was across the wet patch in front, there were several other wet patches on the way.

This is the view from the 1st top of Eycott Hill, it was very windy to say the least!

The next top of Little Eycott Hill is directly infront. Easy going from here if a little damp.

Across the Glenderramackin valley Bowscale Fell and Carrock Fell were being strobed by the sun.

It didn't take long to arrive at Little Eycott Hill, looking South here to The Dodds and Clough Head.

It was still blowing a hoolie when we arrived back at the car, but at least it was on our backs.
These two little hills are Birkett's for those folk who collect that type of thing. Their worth an hour or so of anyone's time for the excellent views.

Sunday 4 January 2015

A Ribblesdale Ramble from Selside

A rather more sedate walk today, and none the worse for that! Not many people out either considering the weather, which was surprising.
We parked on the lane which leads to Alum Pot and then headed South to pass by Borrins Farm.

Here we picked up the Pennine Bridleway, which we would follow for the next couple of miles or so.
Pen-Y-Ghent and Plover Hill in the distance seemed to be catching the sun more than ourselves.

After a short distance you cross the B6479.

Once across the road the bridleway, which has blended in well with the rough pasture hereabouts leads down to the Ribble. The splendid new bridge is 3 years or so old, it makes round trips in this area much easier to plan.

Over to the West the view is filled by Simon Fell and Park Fell, outliers of Ingleborough.

We left the Pennine Bridleway at High Birkwith to make our way back across Ribblesdale, now Whernside was the hill before us.

The path follows Coppy Gill to pass through the "mad dog" yard of Low Birkwith Farm. At least they were chained up!

Two footbridges cross the river to bring you into the walled lane above. This leads unerringly back to Selside. A pleasing low level a nish wind!

Friday 2 January 2015

Pen-Y-Ghent (and Hull Pot!)

Today's visit to Pen-Y-Ghent was part walk, part run. I've not done any running for a good few years in an effort to preserve my ancient knees. I really enjoyed myself, in-spite of the gale force winds. (Apologies for the shaky/blurred photo's) The feeling of moving quickly over rough terrain always feels great. I wasn't "letting it all hang out" by any means, I might do a bit more....

I walked/jogged up via Brackenbottom Farm and Scar, the sun kept trying to make an appearance.

I didn't linger long on the summit, it was blowing a real hoolie.

A nice jog down to the "crossroads" on Horton Moor, then a  short detour to have a look at Hull Pot. Always impressive, especially today with a decent volume of water cascading into the pot.

You can usually cross Hull Pot Beck dryshod, not today! I must make a note to explore this beck upstream at some point.

Once back at the "crossroads" I jogged on down Horton Lane into the wind..and a watery looking sun.

I paused part way down to take a last photo of Pen-Y-Ghent, still got that brooding look.
A great morning, and the old knees feel good as I write this post up!