Sunday 11 January 2015

RSF Ride from Elterwater....

Any other time I wouldn't have even set off. But with my old mate Ian leading the ride I thought I should support him in his endeavours! No one else turned up and who could blame them, the car was rocking in the wind and lashed with a mixture of rain and sleet...nice! The weather was living up to the forecast, very wild and very wet. After a chat we decided that a walk would make more sense, so we drove over to Grasmere and parked up!
We walked along the new multi-use paths/tracks almost to Rydal before turning and returning by Rydal Caves and Loughrigg Terrace. An excellent day for testing waterproofs :-)

The only time the camera came out was in Rydal Cave, it also provided useful shelter for lunch.

The danger of wet days in the not so much getting soaked and cold. More the lure of warm dry gear shops, a pair of Anatom Ex Ventia trail shoes proved to good to resist at £35 in my unusually small size.
How did that happen!! :-))


  1. Aw if I'd known, I'd have ventured up & joined you. Looks a great lunch spot.
    I tried to go on a ctc ride yesterday close to home, but I was the only one who turned up - the ride leader walked over to let me know there'd be no ride. It wasn't all that windy! Been hiding out indoors today though.

    1. Hi was unpleasant weather to say the least. The cave was going to be our lunch spot if we'd been riding as well. The heavy rain over the past few days/weeks has damaged alot of the new permissive tracks here-a-bouts...a shame.
      You'll always be made most welcome on any South Lakes rides, best to come on a better day to see our wonderful area at its best.

  2. I manage to do 24 miles today before heading for home but one rule about club cycling in Winter months is keep rides nearer the coast in South Lakes in case of bad weather that way usually can get ride even its to local cafe and back home.

    1. You did well to do 24 miles Simeon.
      Of course no-one can book the weather!
      Had anyone else turned up Ian and I would have taken them on a low level ride in the Elterwater area.
      It's good to visit different places, the coast nice as it is offers limited "Rough Stuff" opportunities.
      However as I mention in the post above...after waiting to see if anyone did turn up we decided to have a walk instead.
      Variety is the spice of life, there's more to it than just cycling...and certainly a walk gave us a chance to catch up on recent doings...conversation would have been impossible on bikes in that wind!