Monday 27 December 2010

Arnside Knott

The thaw has started here in South Cumbria, the sound of dripping water greeted me as I looked out first thing. The weather forecast promised things would get better in the afternoon, so I waited until about 12 and then drove over to Arnside.
It only got better if you were a connoisseur of drizzle and thick mist! Anyway I left the car on the promenade and strode out through the slush towards New Barns Bay. It was treacherous underfoot, a combination of the slush, ice and wet limestone made me look like I was auditioning for "Strictly Come Dancing". The path up to the Knott through Copridding Wood was easier going, and eventually I arrived at the view indicator. This was of little use to anyone as everything was obscured by the mist/low cloud/drizzle. I continued on up to the trig, still no view, then descended across the field to Redhills and down the road to arrive back at the prom.

Sunday 26 December 2010

Ice Floes on the Bay

Just a short walk, as is the tradition for Boxing Day. We parked at Sandside on the edge of Morecambe Bay, we weren't alone, word had spread that the estuary had frozen. There were lots of folk about snapping away in all directions. We walked "upstream" and left everyone behind, the scene before us was arctic, jumbled blocks of ice and snow covered what would normally be extensive sandbanks.
We followed the Bela to cross the road and walk through Dallam Park. A tree stump was used as a seat for lunch, turkey butties of course. We made our return to the car on little used paths through the woods to Storth and eventually back to the car.
A memorable day, something perhaps you'll only see once in a lifetime? A shame the day was so foggy, as the photos show, it was very dull but still awe inspiring all the same.

Saturday 25 December 2010

Lancaster Canal at Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who may drop by.

Turkey in the oven, washing in the machine, and half an hour before next basting! Just enough time for a brisk walk beside the Lancaster canal as the sun makes an appearance. This is bridge no. 153.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Silverdale and Haweswater

Just a short walk for half a day, from the RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss. There were lots of twitchers with some very impressive camera gear, I believe a rarity had been spotted! We walked through the "Trough" to Trowbarrow quarry and then on to Haweswater, which was well and truly frozen. I'd just finished lunch when I realised that my wallet and mobile were left in full view on my car seat, what an idiot!!
Ian continued, I walked briskly back to the car, all was well but better safe than sorry. I drove round to Eaves Wood and set off again, meeting Ian after about 200m. We were soon at the Pepperpot, the vista out over the bay was superb. Our route led us back via the Cove and the Lots then across field paths to my car, I gave Ian a lift back to his car at the RSPB reserve and we went our separate ways.

Sunday 19 December 2010

Middleton Fells

Tricky roads and short hours of daylight, so a relative handy walk was required. I arranged to meet Ian near the church in Barbon, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Our route to the broad ridge led us through the parkland of Barbon Manor, to reach the open fell. The initial section is quite steep past some low crags, but the angle soon eases. We had thought there would have been more snow, there was only a scattering really.
Before long we were able to sit behind the wall in the sun and out of the wind for lunch. The views in all directions were very clear from the trig on the summit of Calf Top, a Marilyn, but not a needed one sadly. We continued beside the wall and fence towards Barkin Top, before dropping down the incredibly steep slopes to the road in Barbondale. The road was our route down the valley until the footbridge which we crossed to follow the bridleway through the grounds of Barbon Manor to the village and the cars.

Thursday 16 December 2010


Only a couple of hours to get out for a walk today, so a walk from home up Farleton Knott in the late afternoon sunshine. The wind blowing from the north was really bitter, but the clear sky after the morning snow showers made for excellent views. Up and down in about an hour and a half but certainly to cold to linger.

Sunday 12 December 2010

View from Lowood

I must pass this spot dozens of time each year, well today I stopped and took a piccy!

Thursday 9 December 2010


Having parked under Loughrigg at Ambleside I walked up the steep metalled road to Brow Head and beyond, reaching the open fell. The Fairfield Horseshoe was much in evidence on my righthand side. I seemed to reach the trig point in no time at all, there was a guy from LA on the summit who seemed slightly disoriented. All the lakes and tarns I'd seen were frozen.
I paused to take some photo's of Grasmere on the way down, and eat my butties, hard to tell but it seemed like the temperature was rising as the day went on. I took the path through the woods past Hunting Stile and down onto the Red Bank road, which hadn't been treated at all.
Once in Grasmere, a visit to Cotswold's Rock Bottom had to be made, and a small gear Purchase! My route back to the car was via Penny Rock woods and the west side of Rydal water, then past the stepping stones under Loughrigg back to the car.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Scandale Horseshoe

A great day in the snow. Ian and I managed to get parked in Ambleside, and walked up the Struggle towards Kirkstone, the road walk was easy except for the ice and we gained height quickly. Almost as soon as we left the road the snow depth increased, fortunately a bit of trail breaking had been done by others in front.
The ridge is broad and the views expansive in all directions, the bitter wind kept us moving. The summit was a busy place, people seemed to be arriving from all directions. After a short stop we dropped down to the col at the head of Scandale, an slogged up the steep snow slope to the large cairn on High Bakestones. Another short stop and a bit of contouring and we were on the northern ridge of High Pike.
The ridge led us directly down to Ambleside, a little gear browsing to end a fantastic day.

Wednesday 1 December 2010


I was surprised to find that I hadn't been up Wetherlam this year, my favourite mountain. A late change of day off meant I was on my own for the day, so I found myself at the snowy car park at Tilbirthwaite, with a stiff NE wind for company.
I took the path up the north side of the ghyll and into Dry Cove Bottom and followed the track until eventually I arrived on Wetherlam's east ridge. The views to the north and northeast were excellent, then steepening ridge looked very inviting, before long I had to put crampons on, as the ice was hidden below the powder snow. The summit was a windy old spot today so after a few pictures I was on my way, my descent route was down the broad Ladstones ridge. An easy traverse of the frozen path across to Tilbirthwaite Ghyll led me down the south side of the ghyll and back to the car. Three and a half hours of mountain magic.