Sunday 5 December 2010

Scandale Horseshoe

A great day in the snow. Ian and I managed to get parked in Ambleside, and walked up the Struggle towards Kirkstone, the road walk was easy except for the ice and we gained height quickly. Almost as soon as we left the road the snow depth increased, fortunately a bit of trail breaking had been done by others in front.
The ridge is broad and the views expansive in all directions, the bitter wind kept us moving. The summit was a busy place, people seemed to be arriving from all directions. After a short stop we dropped down to the col at the head of Scandale, an slogged up the steep snow slope to the large cairn on High Bakestones. Another short stop and a bit of contouring and we were on the northern ridge of High Pike.
The ridge led us directly down to Ambleside, a little gear browsing to end a fantastic day.

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