Monday 27 December 2010

Arnside Knott

The thaw has started here in South Cumbria, the sound of dripping water greeted me as I looked out first thing. The weather forecast promised things would get better in the afternoon, so I waited until about 12 and then drove over to Arnside.
It only got better if you were a connoisseur of drizzle and thick mist! Anyway I left the car on the promenade and strode out through the slush towards New Barns Bay. It was treacherous underfoot, a combination of the slush, ice and wet limestone made me look like I was auditioning for "Strictly Come Dancing". The path up to the Knott through Copridding Wood was easier going, and eventually I arrived at the view indicator. This was of little use to anyone as everything was obscured by the mist/low cloud/drizzle. I continued on up to the trig, still no view, then descended across the field to Redhills and down the road to arrive back at the prom.


  1. "Postcard from Timperley" posted today about a walk they have done on Arnside Knott. You trend-setter!

  2. I've just been reading "M & G go for a walk", it's Blog city in the Arnside/Silverdale area! You can't move for the Bloggers! Shame about the weather for them, its a great wee round they did. Martin and James had a rough time of it over the weekend as well. Fortunately I was at work on Saturday for the worst of it.