Thursday 6 January 2011

Bansko New Year

I'd just like to wish everyone out there a belated Happy New Year, may all your doings in the outdoors exceed your own expectations.
I've just returned from a weeks snowboarding in Bansko, Bulgaria. Silly old fool I should know better at my age! Since I decided to try and learn snowboarding last February its been a steep learning curve, in more than one sense! After six days on somewhat limited slopes, due to a lack of new snow I can now confidently say I am an "Intermediate". I can also say with great confidence that the 50+ body does not take kindly to repeatably hitting hard frozen snow/ice.
The Bansko area, and the Pirin mountains would seem to offer excellent walking/backpacking in the summer months, the locals are very friendly and accommodation plentiful, the old town away from the modern ski developments particularly attractive.
I should point out that the chap in the photo is not me but another member of our party.

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