Friday 2 January 2015

Pen-Y-Ghent (and Hull Pot!)

Today's visit to Pen-Y-Ghent was part walk, part run. I've not done any running for a good few years in an effort to preserve my ancient knees. I really enjoyed myself, in-spite of the gale force winds. (Apologies for the shaky/blurred photo's) The feeling of moving quickly over rough terrain always feels great. I wasn't "letting it all hang out" by any means, I might do a bit more....

I walked/jogged up via Brackenbottom Farm and Scar, the sun kept trying to make an appearance.

I didn't linger long on the summit, it was blowing a real hoolie.

A nice jog down to the "crossroads" on Horton Moor, then a  short detour to have a look at Hull Pot. Always impressive, especially today with a decent volume of water cascading into the pot.

You can usually cross Hull Pot Beck dryshod, not today! I must make a note to explore this beck upstream at some point.

Once back at the "crossroads" I jogged on down Horton Lane into the wind..and a watery looking sun.

I paused part way down to take a last photo of Pen-Y-Ghent, still got that brooding look.
A great morning, and the old knees feel good as I write this post up!


  1. Wonderful place and hikes planned there this year. Cannot wait to go back to the Dales.

    1. Always lots to see in limestone country, and lots wild/birdlife & flora IMHO!
      And thats from a Lakes boy...born and bred!
      Enjoy your time there when you get back up there :-)