Sunday 18 January 2015

Pike O'Blisco

The forecast said an improving day and so it turned out....

Almost noon by the time we left the "Old Dungeon Ghyll", the weather didn't look at all promising as we crossed the footbridge in Oxendale.

Once we gained height the was quite a bit more snow than we had thought...which was good. As we looked up towards Red Tarn we could see the spindrift  being whipped across the col.

Whilst looking back towards the Crinkles, blue sky was starting to appear.

Once at the col near Red Tarn we were subjected to the full force of the wind.

Proper 'ard Westmorland Herdy's !!

We made our own route up Pike O'Blisco, Cold Pike looking suitably cold.

After a bit of a play in a snow filled gully we arrived at the summit of Pike O'Blisco, Crinklie Crags and Bowfell looking impressive.

Ian leaving the summit of Pike O'Blisco.

Plenty of time to pay a visit to Blake Rigg, it's a boggy spot normally but today it was all frozen :-)

Greta views all round from the minor summit of Blake often the case IMHO!

Easy ground led us down to the top of the "Blea Tarn Road", then the improved path thro the fields and campsite and back to the ODG.
A great short day.


  1. Stunning winter pictures. Nice to have a winter this year (although in terms of commuting, I was happy last year had almost no winter).

    1. It was great to be out on the hill in the snow, I hope we have a bit more winter yet. I'll be back out on the bike this weekend..perhaps in the snow again?
      Take care :-)