Wednesday 27 February 2019

Kelly Hall Tarn & Bannishead Quarries

Motorcycle MOT day today so that was the bulk of the morning spoken for. I had thought I might visit the two locations on the motorbike but although the sun was shining and it was warm for the time of year, it still felt cold to me. So it was back home and a trip in the car...softie!

Kelly Hall Tarn, only 100m or so from the road. I must have past it dozens of times since I last visited. Today I knew the light wouldn't be great, so it was more of a scouting mission for the future.

The distant views were hazy, but this is a very photogenic spot....

I left the tarn behind and drove a little further to Little Arrow between Torver and Coniston. The path from here to Bannishead quarries is much less used than the Tranearth bridleway. I haven't used it for more than 20 years at least....The goal was to have another look at the open quarry seen above....again the light was poor. 

The fall at the Western end didn't have that much water in it....we have had a week of dry weather though, so I should have given that a bit more thought!

The light was improving as the afternoon passed on.
This is Torver Beck, Coniston Old Man in the background...Dow crag obscured by the tree.
I returned to the car pretty much the way I'd come. Quite pleased with my scouting trip...earlier starts are required!


  1. You had better light than we did. At times we couldn’t see Orton never mind the Lakes hills. With a bit of luck I hope to go to a fall tomorrow. My blog posts are piling up to write. 👍

    1. It was the haze which was a pain...Sorry to hear it was dull in the East.
      Hope you've had a better day today, (Thursday) and found some waterfalls.
      Cheers Alistair