Thursday 10 March 2016

Lower Barbondale

Just a short wander in between jobs, very pleasant all the same. Only saw 2 folk all the way round, plus a couple of cars. There was a biting wind blowing down the dale, we were glad to turn round and have it on our backs! Here's a few pics of the day....nothing exciting, its not that kinda walk!

We parked near the church in Barbon, and walked up the main drive to Barbon Manor.
The drive has a double life, it is also the venue for sprint hillclimbs twice a year currently. 

After leaving the drive we walked te bridleway through the woods below the manor.

Back to the car along the road which was very quiet. This is a "Goldsworthy" sheepfold, in the background Great Coum has a decent covering of snow.

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