Sunday 28 February 2016

RSF Ride to Malham...Via Weets Top....and Back to Settle

A ride out with the Rough Stuff Fellowship....Grey Beards aren't compulsory! although they do seem popular! The sun shone tempered by a bitter Easterly wind, and even though we only rode 25 or so miles it was almost all offroad. Here's a few pictures of the day.

Its a stiff climb out of Settle on the bridleway which contours above Langcliffe to join the Gorbeck track

The junction at the start of the Gorbeck track.

From the high point a grand view North to Pen-y-Gent

Further along the track and as we started to descend to Langscar Gate there's a glimpse of Malham Tarn

After a buttie stop sheltering from the bitter wind near the Weastern end of Mastiles Lane we rode off along the lane again into the wind. It didn't seem to bother these Galloway calfs....not surprising with coats like those!

Looking east along Mastiles Lane, a big sky day

Having turned onto Smearbottoms Lane, we climbed up to Weets Top and its stone

Its a cracking descent across Calton Moor.

After Cake and Hot Chocolate in Airton, we were on tarmac for a couple of miles as we gained height beside Malham Cove

Its a real steep drag up from the road to Nappa Cross, where we regrouped ready for the descent down Stockdale

Stockdale seemed rougher than I remember, nothing to worrying even on a rigid bike, just enough to make things interesting!

Attermire Scar seen from Stockdale Lane.

A short section of the Pennine Bridleway and we were back at Settle just time for a brew and chat before we went our separate ways.
A great circuit in good company a Strava track can be found here for those who might want to see just were we went.

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