Sunday 8 February 2015

Rough Stuff Fellowship ride from Lindale

Freezing fog greeted us at Lindale as we met opposite the John Barrow monument . It was my turn to lead the group, I'd planned a ride of round about 20 miles, calling at Cartmel for a snack/coffee. The five of us set off into the fog, and climbed the narrow roads through the quieter parts of Lindale...

Nick and Ian on the first off-road of the day, the climb of Hollow Lane. 

Lots of hoar frost on the hedgerows this morning.

Another bridleway took us across Hampsfell, the signage leaves something to be desired hereabouts., not helped by the dense fog..there was lots of map consultation.

After Tea and Crumpets at "The Mallard Tearoom", it was back out into the cold. We rode through Cartmel Racecourse and Southish towards Cark before doubling back to follow bridleways  over Howbarrow.

The section near Burns Farm was wet! Even with the frost!

An excellent track took us through Great Allotment, and after dropping down to Low Brow Edge we rode over Bishops Allotment. The temperature had risen slightly and turned the frozen mud into very clingy mud!
More importantly the sun had eventually made an appearance...but only for a short time!
We made our way back to Lindale and the cars on the many minor roads, descending by Hollow Lane.
The Strava route is here.


  1. Nice photos but not day for mud!

  2. Really like riding round that area :-) Looks a great ride.
    Not sure if you're interested, but if you are Cary's set up a RSF strava group thing to share our routes easily

  3. Hi Georgie, yes its a great area. The climbs aren't too long but the downhills are good. It's not to better weather all the lanes we rode would have been rideable on hybrid type bikes.
    It's an overlooked area.
    I have joined the Strava RSF Club, what a great idea...I believe our Area Sec has joined as well. It's always interesting to see what other folk are up to!
    Good luck over the next few weeks....a lady at work has a 1 year old grandchild called Ryder!! There'sa thought for you!