Sunday 29 October 2017

Last of the Autumn Colours in the Lowther Valley

A really beautiful day, we've barely seen the sun up here for ages!....It's grim Up North!!
This is another walk we've done many times, it's one of P's favourites. Not very far, and mainly on the level which is kind to poorly knee joints. We parked in Askham  and wandered up the valley.

Beside the River Lowther near Crookwath bridge

Further on looking upstream from the footbridge below Whale

Back through Lowther Park with the trees showing the last of their Autumn colours

Almost back at the car, we lingered in the warm afternoon sun at Askham Bridge. Just a short walk up through the village stopping for coffee on the way.
Lets hope there are lots more sunny days in the near future :-)


  1. Nice photos Al. It’s a great time of year for getting out.

    1. I :-) should say "Snap" Alan!!
      Looks like we bth had the same idea, yes a great time to be out