Wednesday 18 October 2017

Out With Old Mate Tim For a Days Mountainbiking

Tim and I have been trying to get out for a day on the Mountain Bikes for almost 6 months. Today was the day! We parked near Force Mills, the weather almost perfect. We headed South on varius bridleways towards Rusland, visiting the ford at Rusland Pool. I didn't take many pics...we were to busy chatting about adventures we'd had 40 years ago on these same trails! Here's one or to anyway...

This is a vehicle trap!!  "Get me out says Fatty!"
The idea being that no vehicles should use the ford at this time of year to help the fish.
We had no intention of crossing anyway, and turned and continued our route.
We climbed up to High Ickenthwaite and over to Nibthwaite. The Parkamoor Road was next...

Here as we climbed up the old track the views over to the Coniston Fells was excellent.

After lunch just South of Parkamoor, we continued on the bridleway high above Coniston Water.
This is one of the best viewpoints I know of the Coniston Fells (its above Heald Brow)
From here we dropped down to Bank Ground, before climbing back over Grizedale Moor.
A bit of "North Face Trail" led us back to Grizedale, then more bridleways back to the car.  

Back at the car and bike washed...Fatty was tired I think, had to sit down!
We'd had a great day, in great weather!
Thanks Tim! :-))
Should anyone want to follow our route, the Strava track is here 

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