Wednesday 29 June 2016


Tuesday morning and an early problem with the 3peaker pratts at Glen Nevis SYHA! saw me out on the Mallaig road again. It was dry this morning though, I parked just beyond Loch Eil at the foot of Gleann Fionnlighe. It was a midgy footwear change, and off up the LRT I strode.....

It goes on for a bit...I can understand why many will choose to bike to the foot of the hill.

However for much of the way the track is close to Fionn Lighe, and in my experience you always see more on foot than by bike.

Soon after leaving the wooded section, Gulvain appears was shrouded in mist. What I could see looked steep!

Track left behind, and Munroists path underfoot....yep its steep. Thank goodness it was dry, I think I would have melted dragging myself up here.

Of course if you keep at it you'll reach the top!....only this trig (which some wag had made an addition to) is only the South top.....

There is like so many hills a descent followed by a re-ascent along a pleasantly narrowish ridge to the proper summit.

The substantial cairn on the summit of Gulvain offered shelter for a spot of lunch. I knew it would be back against the strong wind, as I left the top the rain started....Great!!

Thank goodness for Event! I received a real dousing on the descent. Of course once back at valley level the summit was clear of cloud. isn't it always the way?
Just about an hour from this point back to the car, I really rather enjoyed Gulvain.

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