Sunday 22 March 2020

Things are Changing....Social Distance Walk 001

No one will need any introduction to the situation we find ourselves in I'm sure. The stage we find ourselves with Covid 19 means the advice from our government is to not partake in any activity which would lead to transmission of the virus, do anything which would land you in hospital taking up a valuable bed and to travel only if necessary.
Therefore today I walked from home, a short trip in beautiful Spring weather up my local hill. Today even on this normally quiet hill there were dozens of people...many in groups...ridiculous!
The news this evening indicates that much stricter advice/rules will be introduced shortly...if some folk can't behave then no doubt we will all be confined to barracks....
There are no captions to today's images, if they give a little joy to anyone who is already self-isolating or simply can't get out in the outdoors at this time that would be great.
Take care everyone.....and don't forget...wash your hands at every opportunity, keep 2 metres apart,  wear gloves at stiles/gates etc and please follow the government guidelines when sneezing etc.

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