Wednesday 25 March 2020

My Recent Thru Hike Gear Reviewed.....

......only joking! Anyway now I've got your attention....Here's some images from Social Distance walks 002/003/004. All taken within 2km from my home.

The Lancaster Canal and bridge no 154...I'm very fortunate in these troubled times, the canal towpath is within 10 metres of my home.

The River Bela and the rather grand but nameless footbridge, its a few hundred metres upstream of Hangbridge.

Reflections in the canal

Farleton Knott from the towpath

The M6 at 1.30pm today...there were trucks...honestly! People would seem to be finally heeding the Gov. advice/rules.

The lambs are growing up round here now...its less than 20 years ago that we suffered with Foot and Mouth. Thousands of stock slaughtered, and now its us humans who are threatened. 

Further along the canal and a different view of Farleton Knott...the swans will be constructing their nest. There are a couple of pairs between bridges 153 and 156. 

Bridge 156, lots of Celandine's enjoying the sun today!
This was as far as I walked today...I have only been out for an hour or hour and a half each day, and only seen anyone in the distance. The exercise and fresh air essential for a healthy body and of course ones mind.....more of that perhaps in a future post.
Well done if you've read this far, and sorry for the misleading title...there's method in my madness!


  1. An semi-isolated “hi” from the other end of the county 🙂
    We are so fortunate to have all this loveliness on our doorsteps, never more so than now.
    Thanks for keeping blogging, it’s a bit of a lifeline for many at present to see that life continues during the lockdown.

    1. Hi Jayne
      Yes, difficult times...I am particularly lucky living on the edge of our village with the countryside easily reached. I look forward immensely to my short walk each day.
      Take care and keep well