Monday 27 April 2020

A Change of Pace...29er On the Northern Reaches

 As per the title, a change of pace today. I've had an hour or so on the 29er mountain bike. An out and back basically on the towpath of the Lancaster Canals Northern Reaches. The weather is still excellent, although looking at the forecast today may have been the last good one for a few days.
 Much of this terrain has featured on recent posts, so there are only a few photographs from the ride...

The Ramin 29er on the towpath near Crooklands

One of a series of new milestones on the Northern Reaches, part of the renovation taking place to celebrate the 200th anniversary

Looking North from the Wakefield Wharf near Crooklands. Built to enable the gunpowder produced at Gatebeck to transported away.
As an aside the Wakefield family were also major shareholders in Castrol Oil.

This is an overhead view of the Stainton aquaduct. the work has being going on now for 12 months (halted at the moment due to Covid 19). The original damaged in 2015 in Storm Desmond. it is heartening to see such investment.

Only a couple of hundred metres further on the Lancaster Canal was derelict and filled in until a couple of years ago. As you can see in the image above it has been dug out and now contains water again. I wonder how long before the "earth plug"in the foreground is removed and thenext section can be used?
I returned home much the same way, a short but enjoyable ride in the sun..."change as good as a rest!"
Tek Care and Stay Safe

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