Tuesday 7 April 2020

Solo Social Distance Rides 002/003/004

Staying on the bike/s for the time being, I have continued with my "project" to ride all the roads and lanes within 5km of my home. We continue to be blessed with dry weather, it finally started to warm up today...thank goodness! The images below are really only a record of my doings (for me!). If they provide pleasure or are informative for others that's great....

Sunday, and I headed South and Southwest.
The image above is the Lancaster Canal as it's cut (sadly) by the M6.
The sign on the right hand side stating a welcome to Cumbria and the Lake District...unfortunately this currently isn't the case.
We beg people to stay away...Please!

I rode through Yealand Redmayne and Storrs, before dropping down to Leighton Moss. 

More lanes heading broadly North, and past Hazelslack and it's tower seen above. I rarely use this lane....it's usually liberally coated with cow muck!

Through Storth I then headed back via Dallam Park and Beetham.
This splendid metal Heron adorns the Heron Theatre in Beetham.
A short stretch of the pleasantly quiet A6 and then Pye's Bridge Lane home. 

Monday and I changed bikes to my carbon Defy...the downside to riding a "faster" bike is fewer photo's (the engine is the same of course!)
This is taken from Sandside looking across the Kent estuary to White Scar the Southern end of Whitbarrow Scar.

Today I concentrated on the area to the area "behind Sandside and Storth.
Inevitably I rode part of the coast as I linked the lanes together.
This photo looks North up the Bela thread of the estuary to Heversham head. 

It's a stiff climb from sea level to this point just below Haverbrack. It gives a great view to Whitbarrow, with the skyline filled with the Lakes hills...so near yet so faraway...

....and from the same point looking in a more Northerly direction.
 The large body of water the River Kent as it enters the estuary, Red Screes in the centre of this rather hazy view.
I rode back home from here via Beetham, Hangbridge and Moor Lanes before picking up Old Lane once more.
Cycling is a funny old game...it might just be me but I generally find my mind wandering as I ride along in solitude. It's hard to believe whats happening, but so very, very serious. I almost feel guilty taking my hour or so exercise (even tho' I see few people and touch nothing other than my bike) But I like many other people live in a flat, first floor in my case...so no garden...but how LUCKY am I to be able to access such wonderful countryside and fresh air....I really have nothing to complain about at all.
Tek Care and Stay Safe

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