Sunday 19 April 2020

My Last 3 Daily Exercise Cycle Rides....Back Up to Date!

These are from Wednesday, Friday and today. All on the Elan with its wider tyres to deal with the off road/gravel sections. As mentioned yesterday the amazing weather continues, although it's always cooler on the bike even with a light wind. Much of the terrain has been traversed before and similar images have appeared in previous posts...there may be something of interest.

On top of Bridge 159 looking North, on my way to ride the lanes below Lupton.

Lot of Ramson flowers now.

Friday and I was again heading North to ride basically a loop encircling Farleton Knott.
I stopped here only a couple of hundred metres from home to take this picture. This pair haven't nested here for a couple of years...I think the increased traffic on the towpath (due to Covid 19) may frighten them off....we'll see.

This junction is called 19 Trees by the locals...I wonder why?

Back home along the canal towpath above Hilderstone Lane.

Today with all the metalled lanes traversed within my 5k limit I was free to do a bit of  "Gravel Grinding". This is on Dollywood Lane near Slackhead. the elan is quite capable as long as you take it slowly and show a bit of mechanical sympathy!

I linked a few bridleways and minor lanes together, then rode South back home on the canal.
Farleton Knott omnipresent as always!
Take Care and Stay Safe

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