Tuesday 28 April 2020

Fatbike Today...Mixing It Up...Maintaining Enthusiasm

 Today is the 37th "lockdown" day for me, so in order to keep things fresh I decided to make today's daily exercise a Fatbike ride.
 Straight out on to the towpath and I headed South. This a section I rarely ride...but have walked many times over the last few weeks. Rain was forecast in the afternoon so I was out late morning, under overcast skies and with dampness in the air...a lot cooler as well. Again much of the terrain has been featured in previous posts, there's one or two new bits though (Sorry for all the Fatbike intrusions)....

The towpath is dryer than I've ever seen it, and this morning not a single person was seen.

I left the canal where the M6 cuts it near Cinderbarrow and after crossing the A6 I rode through Yealand. Then down onto Thrang Moss. This is a lovely quiet area, a real haven for flora and fauna. Years ago it used to boggy, but now the tracks have been improved...all weather proof infact.

The Bluebells through here are superb at the moment.

Dryad’s Saddle... I think? growing on a fallen and decaying tree trunk.

A bit of tarmac up to Slackhead, then the offroad descent of Dollywood Lane. Through Carr Bank and onto the old railway trackbed/sea defence on the coast.

Northwards along the sea defence and beach to Sandside.
Whitbarrow Scar the prominent hill across the estuary. 

Back home via Haverbrack Lane, I always like to stop here to see the Lakes hills beyond the tidal River Kent...so near yet so far.
Down to Beetham and back through Hangbridge, Elmsfield and Old Lanes to Holme.
Good to be back on the Fatbike....it make this 62 year old feel like he's 12 again!
Tek Care and Stay Safe 

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