Saturday 11 April 2020

Solo Social Distance Rides 005/006/007

Three more days of what has become the new normal. So 3 more rides, these were actually over 4 days (split by a walk). The weather continues to be superb...very frustrating I must admit. Rationing oneself to only approx 1 hours exercise in such excellent conditions certainly tests the resolve!
My personal little project to traverse all the metalled roads and Lanes within 5km of my home continues. Here's a few photos from the latest rides...

No caption required.

Looking North from Milnthorpe Bridge as the River Bela enters the Kent estuary.

Beetham Church, taken on good Friday no services of course due to the "lockdown"

Different bike similar photo to a previous post...with the exception that the tide is covering much of "The Marsh" Good Friday's tide was over 10 metres!

The A590 today looking towards the Lakes, I doubt it has looked like this since it was built over 50 years ago....lets hope as soon as the "lockdown" is removed we will all be using it to access the areas we love so much.

I wonder how old this old milestone guess is it was moved during construction of the A590 only 50 metres or so away. Preston Rich isn't a' an area Rich being short for Richard!
No chance of missing the Benchmark either!

The Lancaster Canal aquaduct over Peasey Beck, the main feeder of the River fact from this point in it's journey to the sea it is the Bela. 

The Lancaster Canal as it leaves Crooklands and heads off for Kendal....or at least it did once.

My first sighting of this seasons Bluebells, early I would say for round here. they were on a sunny bank along Nook Lane.
I'll probably go back to walking for a few days and give the bikes a rest....who knows?
Difficult times...Tek Care and Stay Safe. 

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