Saturday 18 April 2020

Social Distance Walks 017/018/019

The dry weather is still with us...and sadly so is Covid 19. So the Social distancing continues, daily exercise is still allowed..from home. Here are the latest walks, there have been some bike rides in between them which will feature in a future post.

Tuesday, and I headed Southeast towards Curwen Woods. This fine Limekiln is in the grounds.

Ash Flower

Danelion Clocks are appearing, this one in Pipers Lane

Honeysuckle is getting going the hedgerow beside Pickles Wood was covered with it, there'll be a grand show when it flowers later in the year.

Wood Anemone. 

The woodland floor covered with spring flowers

Another limekiln near Oakwood Farm, back home through Curwen Woods

Thursday was not the best day mentally...don't know why..along the canal to Farleton and back.
I did capture this Mallard with an impressive brood (is that correct?)

Today (Saturday) I set off with a specific target in mind...but I was distracted by the Cherry Blossom on the trees as I left the village.

Along the canal to Farleton, then onto Nook Lane. My target today the hill in this view...Scout Hill

Leaving Nook, a number of bridleways led ever upward. This gate is one of hundreds which mark the line of the Thirlmere Aquaduct as our precious Lake District water makes it's way to Manchester.

A trig point! long is it since we saw one of them! Scout Hill is 285m high and provides a great viewpoint. This is broadly South, Farleton Knott in the mid ground, Arnside Knott the bump in the distance on the right.

To the East, Barbon Fells, Great Coum and Ingleborough in the distance.

To the North things are rather more cluttered.  A repeater station and the Hood Ridding Wind Farm.
In the distance the Howgill Fells to the left of the Trig.

Back much the same way, a last look back at Scout Hill between the trees from the canal near Farleton...3 hours there and back...only 1 person (with 2 dogs) a very safe distance!
Take Care and Stay Safe

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