Sunday 26 April 2020

A "Lockdown" Walk from Home to Ploverlands...Hutton Roof Crags

After 7 day's daily exercise on the bikes, (when I've taken very few photographs) it was time to use my feet as the good lord intended. This afternoon I set off from home to make my way across to Hutton Roof Crags. I'd only just got on the canal adjacent to home when I realised I'd forgotten my binoculars...oh well! The Spring flowers are looking great, my photo's really don't do them justice...anyway on with some pics...

Just a few metres from home and I was pleased to see that this family of Mallard ducklings were growing up and appear to be doing well.


Through Curwen Woods and across to Slape Lane...the woods carpeted with Bluebells

Orchid...but which one?

Hartshead Fern

I left Slape Lane and entered Pickles Wood...managed by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
It ha apparently had continuous cover since the medieval period and therefore a unique habitat.

Higher up the fell in Lancelot Clark Storth, this old front axle was beside the track. Off a Grey Fergie perhaps? No doubt left after it had been used to demolish some of the Limestone Pavement in this area. Those wheel bearings look past it to me! 


The summit Trig on Hutton Roof Crags, or more correctly's a Marilyn as well.

Lots of Gorse on the way back to Newbiggin Lane...a wonderful coconut aroma through here

Naughty Cows...this one in the foreground most definitely the ring leader!
I walked back across Home Park Fell arriving back just as a few spots of rain fell...the first for about a month from memory.
Tek Care and stay Safe


  1. Hi Alistair, I’m afraid it’s not from a grey Ferguson. The fergie axle was width adjustable where the stub shafts could be moved in and out. The axle frame had lots of holes in it. At work they were known as Holy bars. It may be a Fordson but I shall investigate from my info.

    1. Hi Alan...I thought you would be able to help me out..I await the correct info with interest.
      Trust you're keeping well

  2. I am ~NOT~ an orchid expert, but that is probably a Common Spotted, Dactylorhiza fuchsii, which I am lucky enough to have in our lawn {yes, smug smile!!!}

    1. Hi Jayne
      Thanks very much, there were certainly a lot of them...
      You're very lucky to have them in your lawn...although maybe makes mowing problematical?
      Thanks again for commenting