Sunday 6 May 2012

High and Low Force from Holwick

Must surely be in the running for most ornate stile.
Bank Holiday means I head for the Pennines, and today we walked from the hamlet of Holwick, on the south side of Teesdale. The bridleway/estate road made for good progress, however once the bridleway left the hardcore surface things turned rather wet underfoot. We had lunch beside a large stream, and then followed the stream down to the Tees, as it tumbled over many waterfalls.
The path beside the Tees is of course the Pennine Way, and although busy, especially near High Force, the walkers were day walkers like ourselves, no backpackers were seen. Field paths led us back to the car at Holwick. The wild flowers are really starting to make an appearance now, Bluebells and Primroses in particular making a good show.
High Force
The weather was a real mixture today, sunny one minute and cloudy next, but mainly dry except for the light sleet shower! Perhaps winter hasn't finished with us yet.

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