Sunday 13 May 2012

France Cycle Tour: Valance to St Ferreol Trente-Pas

The following accounts of my cycle tour were written up each day in my note book, and have been posted in date order upon my return to the UK.
I travelled by European Bike Express (a service I heartily recommend) to Valance in the Rhone Valley arriving at 5.30am. The weather dry but with a cool northerly wind blowing, it was of course dark! However by the time I had myself and "Eigenau" sorted out it was 6.30am and light. So checking the compass! I set off and promptly fell off! No major damage to me but the rear mech was bent against the kerb. I must have been rather more tired than I thought, a stupid mistake. The wind was helpful as I headed in a south easterly direction. Stopping in Aouste nr Crest, I got the tools out and managed to sort the rear mech which meant all my gears were once more available. The sun shining and things warming up I cycled beside the Drome river to Saillans. The Col de le Chaudiere was the next target and required a non-stop climb of one and a half hours to reach the top.The huge crag of Le Veyou dominated the climb.
Col de le Chaudiere
The descent to Bourdeaux was great but over to soon, the village of Vesc should have had a campsite, but it was closed, (I hadn't booked any sites)I knew there was a site in St Ferreol Trente-Pas, unfortunately it lay the other side of the Col de Valouse. True enough the site appeared and I duly booked in and got set up, a good price to 6 Euro's. Todays distance 99.53 kilometres. I felt alot better after a hot shower, and was ahead of my planned schedule.
Le Veyou
Trente Pas
Mythos duo at St Ferreol Trente Pas

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