Wednesday 16 May 2012

France Cycle Tour: Pont St Esprit to Les Vans

St Martin D'Ardeche
I left Pont St Esprit with an easier day in mind. The headwind up the Ardeche was unbelievable, no need for brakes on any downhill bits! The views more than compensated, just superb. Lots of purpose built viewpoints meant lots of stops, but I'm on holiday so....
The Ardeche Gorge
Maladrerie des Templiers
After the high point of the Corniche d'Ardeche the road plummets to the riverside in the gorge and presents you with its party piece, the "Pont d'Arc" great to see it out of season without the throngs of folk the pictures usually show.
Pont d'Arc
As I left the Ardeche river behind I had the wind behind me for a short while, lots of "D" roads beautifully quiet took me to Castlejau. The fields are full of vines and fruit trees, then as I climbed the terrain changed and from Chassagnes the narrow road threaded between limestone towers and low crags. So I am camped at Les Vans after 75.66 kilometres, back on time and the sun continues to shine.
Camp at Les vans

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